A New Year

Remember me? Alison.
Didn't mean to be away from this little blog of mine for so long but that's what happened. 
But I am back! :)  
I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do but that's ok.
Where to start? Christmas.
We had a wonderful Christmas with my family at the lake.

Unfortunately on the 24th Dad came down with a brutal stomach bug so he had to leave the Christmas tree hunt up to Justin and Uncle Ken.
They did a great job. Then Mom and I made it pretty.
A little Charlie Brown but perfect if you ask me.
The lake is beautiful in the winter.
The guys played some hockey.
Christmas eve included fondue, playing Wii bowling (Mom seriously kicked butt), new PJs and Jeff (and Vinny) serenading us with his annual singing of Whiskey girl.
It was 6am his time in Berlin and they had yet to make it to bed! It made our night. Wouldn't be Christmas without it! We also were able to skype with him and Jolie Christmas morning.
 Christmas morning with our girlie.
PS. Santa did find her and she was spoiled.
Christmas morning walk on the lake.

We headed down to the other MacPhee's house full of family for Christmas dinner. There should have been 19 of us but Clay got called into work earlier that day (train conductor).
We had a fabulous spread and then enjoyed watching old family videos while sipping champagne. Jeff: you were so flippin cute when you were 3-5 years old!
Unfortunately right before dinner Dad's stomach bug hit Mom.
What we didn't know was that stomach bug was quietly making it's way to me, Justin, Uncle Ken, Nana and so far 3 from the other house. TERRIBLE. It was terrible. Yuck.
So I would really like to say we ate too much and drank too much but we did not. We struggled to keep gatorade down. :( It took a good 4 days to really feel ok and to feel like eating again.
We did get to visit with Logan and her kids for the day though. I just wish I felt ok to be out skating and running around with them. They did enjoy opening and playing with the presents from us though.
Avah loved her bubblegum machine just like Auntie Alison's.
Dal and his Tonka trucks and track.
 Dal loved playing fetch with Cruz.
 Cruz loved it too.
 Mayela and all her new Webkinz.
 Eating Cruz's toys. Delish.

Since we left the lake we have:

Hosted Justin's buddies and girlfriends for dinner. There was 10 of us around our little table! And 3 dogs running around. I'm SO mad we didn't take any pictures.

We started working out again after being sick.

Went on a date to The Keg.

Became obsessed with the "Fruit Ninja" and "Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo"apps/games on our iphones. So fun. And Justin is ALWAYS beating my high score. urg.

Blake and Justin put up shelves in our bathroom and I decorated it. I love it. I'll post a photo soon.

We watched The Help at the lake

and yesterday we had a movie marathon and watched:

And I will do a post on New Years and this "new" year this week sometime too.

Today Justin is off to lunch and the World Juniors hockey game with Dad, Dustin and Blake (thanks Pops for getting them all tickets) so I am gonna tackle some projects around here and do a Ripped workout.
Happy Monday. :)

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Rachel and John said...

So sorry you were all sick! Glad you are better and I can't wait to see all the house pictures! You should do a house tour post!!

Holly said...

Happy New Year! Besides the stomach bug, it sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. Glad you liked The Help. :)

Caroline said...

What a wonderful Christmas! I cannot believe all of that snow! Amazing! Hoping 2012 is simply amazing!

Jenn :D said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! Sorry to hear you and your fam caught a bug! Not fun. I love your pretty pictures--the landscape looks gorgeous. Happy New Year!

Café Moka said...

Happy New Year!

So sorry you were sick during the holidays! Not fun!

Logan said...

3 sick in my family! Marcos, avah, and dal!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

yay! you are back. looks like great family times from your photos. those lake pics are so pretty. like breathtaking pretty. happy 2012 loveey!

Kae* said...

Oh! So happy you are back love!
I am so sorry you all got sick, but glad you got feeling better!
I am happy you had a great holiday!

krink said...

Happy Monday! And Happy New Year! Glad you guys are all feeling better! We missed you here in Calgary.
P.S. I can't believe how big Logan's kids are getting! It's CRAZY!!!

Al said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year babe!!
So glad you are feeling better and have bounced back from that nasty flu bug!
Looks like you guys had a great time at the lake, and am excited to hear more from you this week :)

Just the Two of US said...

looks like you all had a great christmas! hope your new year was great too!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas except for the terrible stomach flu!! Bet none of you gained any Christmas weight!!

The lake looks like so much fun!

Hope you get more of your projects done, unlike me who slacked majorly while on vacation!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy new year Alison :)

Gabriella said...

Sounds like a great time, minus the stomach bug. Glad Santa found Cruz and spoiled her. Homie was SUPER spoiled - as it should be! :)

Happy New Year!

Whit said...

Love the pics, outside of the flu that Christmas looks pretty sweet!! Xox ps. Friends w/ benefits and the help are great movies, good choice!

Lindsey said...

I love your Charlie Brown tree and I cannot tell you how jealous I am of your snow!!