Today I've got lots to love!

I'm loving the holidays (besides being sick over Christmas) it has been wonderful. I know I have been spoiled with all this time off but I know I will not be ready to go back come Monday.
I'm loving Justin was also off work with me (until tomorrow). We got errands done and a bunch done around the house. Love all the progress we are making at completing our home.

I'm loving my new slippers!
Kids section. :)

I'm loving the weather we are having! So beautiful for January.

I'm always loving this little girl. She is getting pretty sick of all my iphone picture taking though!

I'm loving my new Erin Condren life planner. It was more than I would normally spend on a daytimer (I had a coupon code too) but it is perfect and so much more than a daytimer. And trust me I NEED my daytimer with me at all times and will never stray from the paper version.
LOVE it.

I'm loving that Jolie had a great trip to Berlin to visit Jeff over Christmas and New Years. :) Sounds like they had a blast.

Love. Love. Love.

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Ashley said...

Hope you feel better sooon ;) I'm considering the planner as well! Soo expensive though!

Leslie said...

I love your Erin Condren planner!! I almost got that design but ended up getting a different one... I'm obsessed. I never would spend that much on a planner either, but it was DEFINITELY worth it! And all of the extra goodies that came with it were awesome!

Rachel and John said...

Look at you with the fancy planner. John bought me a planner last year but I didn't start using it until i've been scribbling out the days and changing them to this year and using BAD is that!

Paula said...

Stopping by from Jamie's. I love your pictures in your header! Very cute! I'm loving slippers this week too, they are so comfy : )

Just the Two of US said...

Great things your loving! cute slippers!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Glad that you are enjoying all your time off!

Those are the cutest slippers!

I so love the iphone picture capability. The blackberry camera sucks! Cruz is a cutie!

Your bro and Jolie make one cute couple! That's great they were able to spend time with each other over the holidays.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh yah- I used to love my paper planners too! Now I put everyone in my blackberry but still miss physically writing things down so I still make lists on pretty paper!

Jessica said...

Um, I adore those slippers.

Bethany said...

Seriously?! I have been wanting one of those planners FOREVER. ): Hmph! AWESOME AWESOME gift.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I like those slippers too! But I'm not loving having to wake up to an alarm clock again on Monday morning ;(