Cruz's Loves...


Hey guys - Cruz here!
Have you missed me?

Well Mom is tired and cranky this morning so I am here.
She would like the yappy dog across the backyard to stop barking on his deck for hours on end especially from 9:00PM until 11:39PM. She says this is unacceptable. She mumbled about it our entire morning walk today and even wanted to ring their doorbell this morning at 6:25am to thank them for keeping her up so late when she had a terrible sleep the night before. Don't worry I talked her out of it.
BUT she said she has had it and will be phoning 311 today and writing them a sweet letter.
She would like this crazy dogs owners to realize that it is not only my Mom they are bothering it is the entire neighborhood. At 10:15PM we heard a man yell for the dog to shut the bleep up. Not a happy street. Aaanyways...

So what am I loving you ask:

Well Lily is coming for a sleepover tomorrow and I adore her.

My Dad.
 I miss him. I hate when Winnipeg steals him. :(
But I'll be loving Friday when he gets home.

I'm loving my little room. 
Mom has been busy showing you the house but seemed to forget the most important space.
My space.
So I will share it with you.
This is where I sleep. I have lots of photos of my dog friends and family.

 Check out my new sign! Mom's blog friend Jen made it. So cute. I love it.
You get your own here.

My Uncle Jeff.
I miss him. But Mom tells me he is busy scoring goals and he'll be home in time for summer. 
This makes me happy!

I'm loving runs with Gramma and spending time with her and Grampa.
They spoil me and let me sleep in their room on sleepover nights!

That's it for today. Make sure you tell my Mom that I am a much better blogger than her and maybe you will see me around these parts more often.
Well Happy Wednesday readers.
Love always, Cruzie.

I just found this and it cracked me up:

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Tami said...

Oh Cruz- I just love your little space. It is very well decorated and I love your new sign!

Logan said...

Hi Cruz, could you do me a favor and come help me keep these kids from making crazy! They are all sick and whiny! Oh how I wish you were closer!

Leigh said...

Oh, I have two dogs that are just like the one in your neighborhood. They don't bark for quite as long, but it's up there. Don't the owners realize that sound carries and the bark sound doesn't stay in their backyard?!

Cruz is such a cutie...she needs to spend time with her boyfriend...she told me so!

ps- Harley is OBSESSED recently with his ring. He sat in the bathroom and whined this morning until I went downstairs to take it off of the top of the fridge.

Ashley said...

Haha - that last pic cracks me up everytime!! I love that Cruz's area!! Especially the picture hung low enough for her to see it! I also love the idea of the Typography! I will have to give it a try!
What is 311?

Jessica said...

Haha, love this post! Looks like Cruz has a pretty comfy crate there. ;)

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Oh I love this! I'm the same with my dog. He's my baby. and I ADORE that sign. I have to get one.

Bethany said...

SO cute!! I adore what you have done to her room!! I'm going to have to copy you!!

Alyssa said...

Loving the dog's space! That is too cute!

Caroline said...

Ah! Super cute! Love the sign. I'm totally doing this for Knox one day!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no- I always feel bad for the barking dogs!! How can the owners ignore them when obviously everyone else can hear them barking?? Hope it's resolved quickly.

Cruz is such a cutie- love her little space! What a lucky girl to have such awesome parents!!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

i must have one of those signs! that is adorable. does she make them and sell them??? i am soooo obsessed.

Kae* said...

Love your space.
My mom has a space like that for me too, but
hasn't spoiled me and decorated it yet!
I love your sign with your name.
I love sleeping at grandma and grandpa's too because I also get to sleep in the bed!
I hope you have a night full of sleep!
Lots of love from South Dakota!
Love your friend

Ashley said...

LOVE that name for a fuzzy! your is adorable! Good job on WILW Cruz!!!!

Kristin said...

awww Cruz, you have grown so big!! but still sooo cute

Just the Two of US said...

cruz is seriously the cutest dog! love all his pics. makes me wanna dog=(

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love when other dog owners write from the perspective of their dog. it is so cute!

Bunnie said...

I am in love with your blog. The pictures of your dog are soooo cute