That is what it is outside currently.
-25C, -36C with the wind chill. Gross.
Walking Cruz this morning was NOT fun to say the least.
Anyways. We had a good weekend.
Friday night we watched this:

Cruz napping with her toys. She is too cute.

Saturday Justin ended up having to work and I went to the mall with Leigh.
She forced me to buy things. True story.
We did find some great deals and fun stuff and had a great time as usual.
Saturday night I made mini meat loaves in muffin tins.
Justin was a fan! Bonus.
Then we watched:

Sunday I had a bridal shower to go to and Justin and Blake set out to work on building shelves for the basement.
Saturday night Justin geeked out, eerr I mean, did what he does best and made this 3-D model on the computer of what the shelves were to look like.
He made them so they fit all our rubbermade bins prefectly.

It is a pretty amazing program. Told them how much wood to buy and what sizes and even where to make the cuts.
What was even more impressive was they finished them all in one day!
Even with a lunch trip to "Justin's" local watering hole.
 Thank you guys.
Now we can REALLY organize the basement.

Sunday night we went to Mom and Dad's for a delicious turkey dinner and some great family time.

I also found a new [and free] super fabulous App called Red Stamp that is tooo much fun.
Now I can text cute post cards to Jeff and Jolie, which I already did. :)

Oh oh speaking of Jeff, he scored a goal and an assist this weekend! Whoa Nelly.

Alright everyone, enjoy your Monday, stay warm and I will leave you with this:

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Tami said...

Oh my- that IS freezing! It's been in the 60's (F) here and I'm about to freeze so I don't know what I would do in the negatives! Brrr is right! The shelves turned out great.

Jessica said...

The shelves look great! I've never heard of The Son of No One, looks like a lot of big names in it. Did you like it?

Kae* said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
I went shopping Friday night too!
Love the shelves and I will have to try out that app!
Stay warm. It's blizzarding here! brrrrrr

Janell said...

Oh my gosh, didn't Contagion freak you out? My husband and I watched it last week and this past week we traveled to Denver, CO. I kept eyeing handles on the shuttle busses and railing in the airport like they were monsters lol! Super duper jealous of you awesome shelving! You guys are gonna be so organized :) Have a great one,

The Sauls said...

Love all of your pictures! Is Red Stamp for the iphone? I tried finding it on my Droid but no luck. I'm so jealous that the iphone has instagram :(

We watched Contagion last week. How'd you guys like it?

Leigh said...

The shelves that the boys made look nice to finally be able to organize your basement! Thanks again for coming on Saturday...and yes it was totally my fault that you bought everything ;) Did you try the flat iron out yet?

Amber said...

Your hubby is such a handy man. Those shelves look great!

That app looks like too much fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Caroline said...

That is awesome! Looks great. How were those movies?

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

omygosh i would die with those freezing temperatures. how in the world do you stay warm???

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Haha I bet Leigh had to twist your arm to buy things!!

Nice shelves!! J built shelves similar to that (only 1 side) after we moved in and it was a huge lifesaver!! I love having everything organized! That program looks awesome!

I need an iphone...

Kristin said...

what did you buy at the mall?? :)

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Yes, this weather is crazy! Good for you to still walk your dog :)

Ashley said...

im sorry....i'm still stuck on your first paragraph where you said NEGATVIE 25....WHAT?! BRRR! Stay warm chica!

Rachel W said...

Yes this weather sucks, need to go to Mexico NOW!! Shelves look awesome!

Janna Renee said...

Thank you for making me feel better about Colorado weather! It was probably 30 today and I was freezing. haha.