Oh Mondays...I dread you. 
And I don't know where you went. This morning seems like ages ago. I was going to tell you how I spent an hour on the phone with our work security company at 7:15am only to figure out it was the carbon monoxide detector going off (AFTER getting insanely frustrated with the security guy and telling him to 'please just turn off the alarm already I didn't understand all his mother board talk!!')...but I'm too tired to go into that entire story, but you get the gist.
Me: idiot. Security guy: got a good laugh on a Monday morning after finally telling me to "find the sound mam". urg.
BUT lucky for me that the carbon monoxide detector just had low batteries and it was not actually going off for the reason indended to have one.
Yes then I had to spend an hour with ATCO gas. Fun.
ok so I basically just told the story. sigh.

Moving on.
Our weekend. Justin worked ALL weekend. Boo hiss.
We did have a lazy Friday night after we picked Justin up from the airport.

And then had a great sleepover with Miss Emerson on Saturday night.
It was her first sleepover here without her Mom and Dad.
We loved having her and had a blast. She is pretty much the cutest thing walking now and loves to follow Cruz, stand beside her and lean her head on Cruz's back, watch her in the backyard, play with her tags...Cruz Cruz Cruz.
 LOVES everything about Cruz.
 I love this girl.
Tickles from Uncle J.
She wore Cruz out.
Sunday morning she had a bath and then she rearranged the kitchen.
She put everything back when I told her to so we were both happy.
Cruz not too sure what she is up to!!
We love love love that little girl and are so happy to be her aunt and uncle. And cousin. :)

Sunday afternoon Lily and I went swimming.
Coolest 11 year old I know.

Then we had my parents, Nana and Aunt and Uncle over for dinner.
Perfect end to the weekend.

 Oh and check this video out. I just love it. Dogs are so cool.

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Jessica said...

Lily is so lucky to have you guys, you always have so much fun!

krink said...

Thanks for watching Emerson this weekend! Looks like you guys had TONS of fun!!!
And glad that she wasn't too much trouble for you :D
See you Thursday lady!

Courtney B said...

What a good weekend... despite the face that Justin had to work. I hate it when Eric works over the weekend :( But babysitting your adorable niece sounds SO fun!

Adrian {Happy Girl} said...

Oh man I love that dog video, super fun! Also Emerson's skeleton PJs are adorable, and sticking her tongue out all the time, too cute!

Ashley said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!!

Kae* said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
Love the pics of Emerson and Lily! :)
Milli and I had a lazy weekend!!!!

Leigh said...

Ah that sounds like a terrible way to start a Monday morning! Glad it all worked out though. Sounds like the perfect weekend :)

Rebecca said...

ugh, sorry your morning got off to a rough start! But it looks like you had a great weekend :)

Holly said...

Sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend. :) Too bad your Monday didn't start off on the same foot. Ha. Funny story, though. :)

Ashley said...

I know what you mean about Mondays - I do not love them lol =) Sounds like a great weekend =) Love the pics of Emerson and Lily - too cute! =)

Whit said...

Bahahahahaha ..thank you for that awesome video.made my morning! That dog rocks! Love all the pics, Emerson is adorable.. Her jammies are super cute! Glad J is home safe and sound :) xox
Ps. Your Mon morning sounds particularly entertaining.. Shouldn't laugh, but it was sorta funny!! (totally funny)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I probably would have done the same thing!! Glad it was just low batteries though!

I need an iphone asap! Look at all those cute photos and the cool collage! Blackberry you suck!

Emerson's little skeleton pjs are so cute! You guys are the best aunt and uncle ever!