Back in the groove?

I was not ready for today to say the least...back to work.
But oh well, it will be nice to get back into routine. I do love routine.
We had a great weekend though.
Family dinner with Justin's family Saturday night at our place.
Crystal, Troy and Emerson even had a sleepover!
A few pics of Emerson and Cruzie.
 The stink eye...
Emerson even says Cruz now, it's so cute. They just love each other so much.
Then Sunday we had dinner at Nana's. I do love me some yorkshire puddings!
A few iphone photos just cause I feel like I am constantly taking pictures now.
I do love it.
Cruz is in destruction mode. First my slipper. Then 2 of her new toys - destuffed, turned inside out and chewed a hole right through. Thankfully she is with my Mom today so she doesn't eat the whole house. Thanks Ma!
 My mini flat iron came from Lindsey! :) YAY! Thanks again. Super excited to try it out.
 Cruz playing. Silly girl.
 This was from Christmas when I was sick in bed.
She joined. :)
Best medicine ever.
We have watched these movies lately.
Definitely recommend the top 2, very good.

Well Happy Monday!

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Jessica said...

Awww, Cruz and Emerson kisses!! :)
I really need to see Drive! Sounds so good.

Leigh said...

I just bought a 1 inch flat iron by Cortex from Winners (only $45!!) and I love it! It makes my hair so straight and keeps it straight for a number of days. Hopefully yours is just as good :)

Sounds like a great weekend! Cruz and Emerson are so cute :)

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!! I soo wanna see the Lincoln Lawyer!!!

Tami said...

I love the picture of Emerson and Cruz- so sweet! I can't wait to get our Emerson back together with our pups! I thought The Lincoln Lawyer was pretty good too. I'll have to check out Drive.

Holly said...

Emerson is such a cute name for a little girl. Good luck going back to work this week; I have to go back next week. Boo hiss.

Gabriella said...

Cruz giving Emerson kisses is so sweet! Good luck going back to work!

Caroline said...

I must see Drive. Anything with Ryan Gosling has me hooked! And what is Cruz thinking?

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Totally agree- dogs are the best medicine! :)

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I love taking pics with my iPhone too! We loved The Lincoln Lawyer too...great movie :)

Whitney said...

Adorable pup, fabulous straightener, and great DVD recs :) I'll have to watch one of them this know, that thing that is four whole days away???

Welp, happy Monday girl!

Kendra said...

haha, she really torn up those toys! And I haven't seen drive but anything Gosling I am sure I'll like :)

Just the Two of US said...

glad you had a great weekend! emerson and cruz are adorable!