As I mentioned yesterday - we had a fantastic trip.
We are very lucky to have gone to Vegas again this year and are thankful Justin's company paid his way and that we got the corporate rate for the weekend at The Venetian.

I flew out after work.
We were around an hour late leaving Calgary and of all people to be sitting next to me on the plane, I was sitting next to one of our students Moms!
Our flight started off pretty normal but about 20 minutes into the flight things got REALLY bumpy. I have never been on a flight so turbulent and that lasted the entire flight. It was scary and not so fun.
Once we finally got close to Vegas they annouced we would arrive within 10 minutes - well 10 minutes turned into 50 minutes as we circled the airport.
Let's just say many of those wonderful paper bags that should live in the front seat pocket infront of you were used. Yuk. Oh and I didn't have one! Luckily I didn't have to use one on the plane but had to make a mad dash to the nearest washroom once I got off the plane. Yuk. Luckily once I got some fresh air into me I felt much better and that was the only time I was sick over the weekend! ha. So instead of arriving at 8:15pm, I didn't get to Justin until 10:30pm.
Spent the rest of the evening with Justin and 3 of his co-workers in the hotel room. Chatting, having a couple drinks and laughing.

Justin was up bright and early for his full day of courses. I lounged in bed, got up, made up my own "BodyRock" inspired workout (will post it someday) then got ready for MY day.
Went and had breakfast at the Grande Lux Cafe and grabbed a cab and headed to Target.

[I loved this giant mirror at our door so decided to take mirror photo each day!]
My shopping buddy below. :)

I had a fabulous time wondering around Target (for 4 hours!) and shopping to my hearts content. Then I dumped my loot back at the hotel

and then went to explore and shop around (translation: pretend I had the money to shop in those stoes) the fancy-shmancy shops in the Venetian.

[I loved The Venetian. You really 'felt' like you were walking the streets of Venice. So pretty. Oh yeah and on another note... Justin was all prepared to take me on my gondola ride until I found out it was $70. Call me cheap but that seemeed ridiculous for a quick boat ride on a fake canal in a fake Venice. So I said forget that business and made him promise to actually take me to Venice in a real gondola $70 ha.]

Moving on...I finally found Victoria Secret in our hotel, this was after I found myself lost 3 times and took a break with a mini-gelato.
By this time my feet were toast so I met up with Just between one of his classes, stole his laptop and skyped (without video) with Mom who was at home and Dad who was at work on speaker phone! I also Facebook chatted with Jeff!
After I had a lovely dinner at the Grande Lux (again!) with this fun lady

I met the guys after their last banquet. They gambled a bit and then we all went up the hotel room again. Justin has some pretty fun co-workers. We had a blast even though I was the only female and not a nerd. ha ha I kid. Sorta. ;)
Everytime I went to the washroom they would yell at me to put to toilet seat up when I was done! ha


Slept in a little then went and had breakfast at the trusty Grande Lux Cafe.
It was delicious, reasonably priced but the meals were huge! Everytime I said I was done they would comment that I hardly made a dent.
Then we walked over to the Wynn Hotel. Stunning.
Then we caught the Bus to the Premium Outlet mall. We had fun walking around, we didn't find anything too spectacular. Definitely was better last year. I did get 2 pairs of awesome runners, Justin got fun board shorts and we bought Troy's birthday present that we know he will love. I adore finding those perfect gifts.
Then we made at stop at the Fashion show mall. It was busier than busy and I was shocked Justin agreed to this after being at the outlet mall all morning. Good husband. :)
I was so excited to see this below. I thought it was going to be my dream come true. I even made Justin drop everything and take a photo. I mean, it's called the "Shoe Palace". Yeah full of runners! urg. I may have pouted.

By this time it was nearly 5pm so we relaxed a bit and then wandered our hotel looking for a fun place for dinner.

 Found this gem. It was so cute and delicious!
During dinner we met the 2 guys next to us and they happened to work at Tao Nightclub. We never would have decided to go out to a club on our own but they hooked us up. No line, no cover, he walked us into the VIP section and I got free drinks. So we thought, why not! So we went and fancied ourselves up and headed to Tao.

[even got Justin in on the mirror photos!]

Tao is beautiful. Very posh, huge buddha sculptures everywhere, scattered with rose petals, fancy decorations, female staff wearing close to nothing...
We had a blast! Like I said, totally not up our alley but we had so much fun. People watching, gawking at how talented our bartender was, boogied a little, great time.

Did I mention we had fun!? Gagsta!
We only stayed maybe an hour and a half and then hit up another little lounge called V bar and then called it a night!


We had no plans all day which was really nice. We slept in a little and then just lounged.

We wanted to try a place we saw called I heart burger for lunch. We had heard great things about it.

They had the MOST delicious spiked milkshakes. SO good.
The burgers were huge, we should have shared as neither of us even ate half and they were so-so. Nothing special.
We then decided a nap was in order!
After that we put our walking shoes on and decided to just go walking through hotels before we had to get ready for dinner and Cirque.

Justin found this for my brother. :) 

We then found a place for dinner over at Treasure Island where Mystere was playing.
There wasn't a lot to choose from really so we settled on a great steak place. Don't remember the name..?
It was delicious.
 As was the company.

I love how the sour cream is almost the same size as my steak!

We thouroughly enjoyed Mystere. It was funny, spectacular and quite amazing.
If I am being totally honest, it was probably my least favorite I have seen thus far BUT I don't think you can see a bad Cirque du Soleil show. They really are fabulous. This one just didn't have very many actual acts. But the ones they had were phenomenal.

And do you want to know the perfect way to cap off the last night in Vegas...
with a gelato.
One was Justin's - I swear!!

Home time. :( Had breakfast at the Grand Luxe (ha ha) and then off to the airport.
I am happy to report the flight home was uneventful.
Celebrity count:
Joe Montana
Dave Dickenson

Biggest Loser Winner - Danny

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Jessi said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I love all of your daily outfit photos - you look beautiful in all of them and I love your outfits. :)

Ashley said...

Looove all the pics!!! Glad you had a great weekend!!! Your target finds looked fun!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

all your outfits are amazing, seriously girl each and every one of them

Jenn :D said...

Looks so fun! I thought the same thing about the gandola rides, way too pricey & not the real thing. Sorry about your crappy flight; that flight is long enough without turbulence/circling the airport. At least you made it safely!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in Vegas! You sure got quite the Target haul...I am jealous! Where are your boots from? They are super cute! :)

Whit said...

Looks like an AWESOME trip!! Love your outfits pretty girl.. You're always so creative with clothes. :) I'm sure one day that will rub off. I would SO have never paid the $70 for the gondala either. And good work keeping up with the nerds.. I mean guys ;) xox

Caroline said...

Awesome recap. Sounds like you had lots of fun and you looked super cute! Love your finds.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that you had a rough flight there, but such a great recap! Definitely got all the details on your trip and glad you made yourself busy while Justin was in class!

Jessica said...

I love that zig zag dress on you!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Glad you survived the plane ride there! That pukey feeling is the worst.

Looks like you had a blast! I love the outfit pics! I adore those brown boots!

You guys are the cutest! I love Vegas!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love Danny from the biggest looser! haha and might I just say.... you were smoking hot on your trip :) beautiful!

Gabriella said...

What a fun trip! I love all your outfits! :)

Kae* said...

wow! sounds like a great trip! gets me excited for mine in feb.
Love your outfits!!!
:) glad it was good time love

Tami said...

It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I have to say that I love of your outfits!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Wow, you guys look like you had an amazing time!! You look wonderful in all of your photos, I love your hair! Those boots that you were wearing are pretty killer too, love them! Stop by my blog today, I'm having an accessory giveaway!!

Whitney said...

LOVE this post! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. You be lookin hot in all you photos darlin. I am headed back to vegas in march and you have made me soooo excited. WE are taking my baby brother. We wanted to go for his 21st, but the football schedule did not allow fo that. The Wynn looks amazing in your pics. I think we are gonna try to catch Mystere or O in the spring. I have heard Mystere was good...and it sounds like you enjoyed it. So glad you had such a good time.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

OMG Danny was my favorite contestant ever on BL!! Did you talk to him?!

krink said...

Wow... and the worlds longest post goes to... ;)
Glad you guys had a good time. LOVED the mirror pics, but my absolute favorite is the one of you 'lounging' in bed with ice cream! A girl after my own heart!!!
So glad to have you two home safe and sound.