Dear Hockey

Dear Hockey, 
I have decided I have a very love/hate relationship with you.
At this time of year it is definitely more on the hate side of things...
Because I HATE that again this year Jeff isn't home to spend Christmas with us.
HATE. Pout.
Don't get me wrong there are many great things the hockey world has given us.
It makes this guy VERY happy.
He is pretty darn fantastic at it.

Oh and good at this too.
Tough guy!
 We have met some incredible people thanks to hockey.
And made life long friendships.
Traveled to cool places.
And we have this amazing girl in our lives because of hockey too.
Jeff never would have ventured to Geneseo for school if hockey had not led him there.
So I LOVE hockey for those reasons.
BUT we will miss Jeff (and Jolie) VERY much this Christmas season. It's just not the same without you. And it is for that reason, right now I am HATING hockey. humph.
But I'll get over it, I'm a big girl most of the time
I am just glad that these two will be together for Christmas. Pretty special girl to be flying all the way to Berlin, Germany on her break to spend Christmas with Jeff.
Thank you Jolie.

We love you both and miss you SO much. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Berlin and enjoy the experience! 

My dream is someday have a big Christmas celebration with everyone. Both sides of our family, all the grandparents. Everyone together. Perfection.

We are off to the lake in a few short hours so I will be taking a little blog break to enjoy the holidays.
Everyone have a safe, fabulous and fun filled Christmas.

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Ashley said...

Merry Christmas Alison!!! I hope you enjoy your Christmas at the lake!!! I also hope that you are spoiled with gifts of all sorts!!! Have a safe and happy trip to you, Justin, Cruz and your family!!!

Mom said...

Jeff is one lucky brother to have such a caring sister to do such a nice post. We could have done without the fighting photo though!! (especially at Christmas time...)hohoho :)

Leigh said...

Hope you have a great Christmas Alison!

Jessica said...

So glad Jolie will be able to spend the holidays with him!

Debby said...

Awesome post Alison, love the cute little redhead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I am glad that Jolie is with Jeff so that he is not alone on Christmas.