5 on Friday

Happy Friday. Who isn't glad it's Friday? Anyone? Didn't think so. I am SO ready for this weekend.

1. I am so excited to spend some more time on the house. Hopefully we can get more organizing done on the basement, maybe put the shelves up in the bathroom...we'll see.
But I can totally relate to this:

2. I still have Christmas shopping to do. This is unheard of for me. Normally I am totally on top of this. Man alive some people are hard to shop for in our family though!!!
Must get this done this weekend. Must.

3. All in one weekend I get to see ALL my girls (that's right - all 8 of us will be there tonight plus significant others!), Dustin, Whit, Easton, Blake, Karen AND babysit Emerson.
Lucky girl I am.

4. I spent HOURS yesterday trying to find the other artist we loved and Justin finds it in .4 seconds. Typical. Anyways, his name is Adam Scott Rote.
He paints 3 very different series, the first is:

The Wild ones
 Second is Hollywood Legends

And the one we LOVED was The American Ruins.

Incredible. So go see his gallery too.

5. Just a reminder:

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Ashley said...

Love the first quote and acoording to the last quote - I hope your day gets better!?

Mike's Dad is the hard-to-shop-for this year!!! I agree though and don't really have much of a choice now about getting the christmas shopping done this weekend!

Jessica said...

I haven't even started Christmas shopping!!

Amanda said...

Love that quote! That's how I felt earlier this week!

And I have all my shopping down, but my Xmas cards are just sitting on my table CALLING MY NAME! And I'm just not motivated to write and address them...

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Gorgeous art, I hate when someone looks for what I've been looking for and they find it 100x quicker than me! Oh well, that's life. Hope you're having a good Friday!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I agree with that saying- I wish it wasn't true but if the house is clean, I am all sweaty from cleaning it!

Have fun at your get together tonight! I am so bummed that all of our Christmas parties ended up being on the same night so we had to pick one.

I don't know when I will finish my Christmas shopping... only a few things left but they are for people that are HARD to shop for.

JENNIFER said...

WOW I love the American Ruins art!

Jenn :D said...

Wow what awesome art! Thanks for sharing him with us! Have an amazing time tonight!!

krink said...

Another amazing artist! Wow!!! Neat stuff.
Thanks again for watching Emerson on Sunday... she can't wait!

Kae* said...

ohhhh if it makes you feel better....I HAVE NO SHOPPING DONE YET...eeek! :/ I hope you have a fabulous weekend love :)