Weekend & DIY

We had a really amazing weekend.
Friday included: A trip to Costco to buy the area rug we wanted for the new house. Delicious pizza.
And Lily had a cool bubble bath with glow-sticks.
It was hard to photograph but she spent the entire bath in the dark! She loved it.

Saturday included: Lily until noon. Then we went to Home Sense, The Brick and to get groceries.
We had fun at Home Sense picking out some items for the new place. Justin was HATING it to begin with and then he really got into it and we love the items we chose. I also got 2 frames for my gallery wall.
Jeff won his game!
We had a great family dinner at my parents place Saturday night and then came home and watched:

It was funny although I think I missed then end by falling asleep! Oups.
Sunday: Cruz had a sleepover Saturday night at Mom and Dad's so she could go for a run with them so we got up and headed out SHOPPING! :) It was a very productive day. Justin got all the frames he needs for his "wall" in the bonus room (more on that later), I got more frames for my gallery wall, we went to Ikea and measured shelves for our bathroom, got pillow inserts and made a "wish list"! We also ordered an awesome sectional couch (after finally agreeing on a color!), an over sized ottoman and Justin got a TV for the bonus room.
I swear we will not be buying another TV - ever. E.v.e.r. We got great deals on everything so we didn't feel soooo bad.
Our wallets promptly sent us home.

Justin then headed out for a {slippery} bike ride and I did this:
Found it at Walmart super cheap. I did level 2 and it was great. 40 minutes long and I can feel it today!

After football and dinner we watched this:
I recommend it, slow at first but ended up really loving it.
Alright now for a few projects per say.
 I love a good Do It Yourself project.
When I saw these t-shirt scarves floating around the web I knew I had to try...
Inspired by Molly's as well as this one:

And Leigh's.
Problem was I had to buy a t-shirt, therefore had to wait until November 1st for my shopping freeze to finish.
Enter November 1st. :)
Take 1. Purple.
Who loves purple more than anyone?
My cousin Logan. This one is for you Log. Sending it to you stat.
There are two braids, photos don't really show it...
 Take 2. Aqua.
I wore this one to dinner with my girls and to work last week and it was loved by many.
 Orders were placed! ha
I only used 1 t-shirt for each so they cost me 3 bucks each. 
I have a few other ideas to try with them and some other colors picked out for friends and family. :)
And I saw these glitter toes that I HAD to try.

1. Perfect for Vegas
2. Perfect for Mexico.
But right now...perfect for...moving? 
Enter Fall toes. Mine.
(sorry for the ugly toe shots!)

What I did:
Cover baking sheet with tinfoil for easy clean up.

Find a nail polish that is similar to your glitter.
Put your feet right on the bakng sheet.
(do this when your husband isn't home so he can't freak out that you are making a huge mess)
Paint your big toe then immediately shake glitter on to it.
Paint remaining toes and glitter them too.
Let dry completely.
Put a thick layer of top coat.
Ta da!
(I used the Martha Stewart Bronze glitter from Micheals.)

Can't wait to do some of the DIY projects I have planned for the new place!
Ok longest post ever! Enough Alison.
Happy Monday!

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Café Moka said...

Love that DIY project!
Great nails!

Logan said...

Whooo, Whoot!! Eeeekk.......can't wait, love it!! and yep you can't go wrong with "Purple"!!! Thank you!! :) Now if I could find purple glitter, I will be one styling hot mama........hahaa with snot, drool, and maybe some occasional poop on me! Oh I love being a mom! I have a list I'll text you, for the kids!! Hugs

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I am SO excited to see y'all's house come together! I love me some home decor! And your toes look great!!

Leigh said...

That was quite the weekend that you had!! Love how the scarves turned out though...makes me want a purple one now.

Where did you guys order the couch from? Don't tell Brian you got a TV, he will be jealous :)

Caroline said...

Love the scarf! And I loved Crazy Stupid Love! So cute. Looks like an awesome weekend!

Rachel and John said...

Look at you go Alison! Love the scarfs and your toes! Can't wait to see all your furniture!

Jenn :D said...

What a fab weekend!! I wanna try those scarves--hard? We also liked Crazy Stupid Love. Same exact thoughts!~! Cute piggies hehe

Kae* said...

awesome! your diy projects turned out absolutely great love!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Wow you put me to shame with your super productive weekend!!! I really want to see that Change Up movie! Need to add to my Must- Watch List! Loved Crazy Stupid Love!

That is the best scarf ever!! So cute! Great job!

Sounds like you guys are making major progress in decorating the new house and you aren't even moved in!

Maybe your photo wall will inspire me!! I just haven't found any frames... even when I look!

Cute glittery toe nails!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Sounds like a great weekend of shopping! Love the t-shirt scarf...neat idea, and you did an amazing job!

Jenn :D said...

My e-mail: jenndellefave@gmail.com WOO HOO lucky lady!! xox

Amanda said...

Love the glitter toes! I think I need to do that for my toes next...I have glittery pink polish. And the glow stick bubble bath looks so fun! I wish I was still a kid.

Also, I need to rent Crazy Stupid Love. I'm dying to see it, but have yet to watch it. Maybe this weekend I'll get M to watch with me.

Happy Tuesday, Alison!

Ashley said...

I liked both of those movies -- I love funny movies!
I LOVE the tshirt necklace -- it looks great!!! =) I'm so jealous of your weekend lol!! we have spent SO much time on the house, I haven't gotten the chance to sit for a second! =)