~Three Things Thursday~

Today I am going with Nicole's theme of Three Things Thursday.
What does this mean? I will tell you 3 random things. Because I don't have anything to post about. Blog slump?
And if I don't post I WILL be getting an email from Justin and Mom wondering where my post was today! :) ha I know you both too well.

{1} This sweet girl and Crystal came for lunch today! Loved getting some cuddles.

Halloween girl in her orange headband I made her.
Love this face.
 Fall fun!
 Trouble maker!
I love my niece!

{2} I am so happy that Justin snuck up to our new house and fertilized the grass before the snow comes! Sneaky! (They live in Edmonton now so it's ok!?)
15 days until move in day!
I'm excited to go SHOPPING this weekend for some house items!

{3} I am really loving this new show we are watching.

And no Leigh, it is not just because of Jax. :) But he sure helps keep me interested!

Happy Thursday!

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Mom said...

You bet I would have been on your case!!! Emerson,Emerson....she is such a cutie pie :)))
Never heard of the show :(

krink said...

Aw... we love you too Auntie! Thanks for letting us come visit!
Bahaha you watch Sons of Anarchy too?! Isn't it great? And yes... Jax does make it a little bit easier to watch. I've just started watching it online. Taya actually introduced me to the series. Troy has yet to try it. Maybe I'll get Justin to make us a copy so he can see what all the fuss is about.

Ashley said...

I would have emailed you too wondering what was up!!! haha!

Whit said...

I would be going through Alison blog withdrawl if you hadn't posted too. Phew.. ;) No seriously I would have been!! You crazy random woman. Love the pics and that Just fertilized the lawn. hahaha...A man after Dust's own heart ;)

Rachel and John said...

I've never heard of that show.
How fun that you get to see your niece so often, and even on your lunch break!
I can't wait to see more about your new house! Does it drive you a little crazy that it is empty and waiting for you, but you can't move in yet?

Lindsey said...

That little girl's eyes are to die. First time on your blog so I'm not sure who she belongs too?? Anyway, you're header is adorable, I love how it keeps changing. And moving sucks but it's so exciting to decorate! I moved a month ago and I'm STILL unpacking. My room is a legit disaster zone. This weekend I refuse to do anything but unpack, house shop and organize!!!!

Kae* said...

aww love the pics and its okay to post random things :)

Leigh said...

Now Alison, if we are anything alike, the reason you like it is because of Jax. Don't lie to me!! Ps- he cuts his hair in the current season and looks hotter!