~Three Things Thursday~


Happy Thursday everyone!
Who loves a long weekend? I do I do!

{1} Today some how I [sorta] got the short end of the stick at work. We were having maintenance done on our building today so we cancelled school. BUT we have our big school fundraiser on Saturday so we needed to have someone [ME] at the school for parents to drop off auction items and baking items.
Why me [sucker]? Everyone else is enjoying their day at home. Except me! Justin even had the day off today! :(
Oh well. While running work errands this morning I happened to find myself in Home Sense!
And found a couple things the new house had to have. I also hit up a thrift store and found an over sized ugly picture with a GREAT frame.
Insert: Project #1: Giant Frame that I will paint and then I will be turning it into a chalk board. YES!

{2} I'm excited for a big family dinner tomorrow night with all our family [Justin's side] from BC.
We get to see this cutie!

And then we have our BIG School Fundraiser on Saturday.
Silent Auction, Bake Sale and Vendor Tables. {I will be SO glad when it's over!}
Whit and I will have an AW Design table there for some Christmas shopping too.
Easton is coming to help us out with the sales!
I mean who wouldn't buy stuff from this duo?! Love them.

{3} Have I mentioned it is only 8 sleeps and then we move! 8 sleeps!!!
I'm dreading the move but can't wait to make that house ours.

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Whitney said...

yay for 8 sleeps :-) i bet you are sooo excited. and that lil hat on that baby is so darn precious. Have a great time at family dinner doll!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh that sucks about having to work when everyone else has the day off. Technically I don't get Remembrance Day off but I decided to take it anyway (I would get a day in lieu since it is a stat). Every other year my friends/family have gotten the day off and I had to get up early for a slow day at work! Not this year!

What thrift store did you go to? You are so much more motivated than me. I need your energy! Glad you found a few more things for the new house. I love the chalkboard idea. I should do that for my mudroom.

Hope your fundraiser is a success!

Logan said...

8 Sleeps!! Wooza, that went by fast!

Im going to steal that idea for the chalk board picture frame!!! or maybe all the wall in my house should just be chalk board!! I really love my kids but not when they continously draw on every wall!! and I know who wrote 2+2=4!!!

Leigh said...

That's crazy that you move in 8 days already! Do you have much packing left? We will be there on Saturday to help, but let me know if you need help before then :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the chalkboard idea! I want one!

Good luck with the move :)

Whit said...

Boo to you working :( ... hahaha how did Homesense work itself into the school errands ;) hahaha.. you're hilarious. We're lookin' fwd to Sat!! xox

Kae* said...

Oh boy only 8 sleeps!!! Exciting!! Sad you have to work but if it makes you feel better I will be training all day that day too :/ Happy Thursday Love

lindsay said...

mid week me time is precious!! so glad you got that. Good luck saturday.

Real Housewife in MN said...

Love that chalkboard! so glad I found your blog, we have almost identical labs and we both live in the frozen tundra (although you're a bit further north than me :) Hope your fundraiser goes well!

Just the Two of US said...

I want one of those chalkboards so bad, where did you get it! cute pics of the babies! happy weekend!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you'll be busy!!

krink said...

I'm sorry you got stuck at work yesterday! Hopefully it wasn't too brutal! Excited to see you guys too this weekend!!!
P.S. Can't wait to see the chalkboard at the new place!

Bride-onicles said...

OOOO I Love the new project for the big chalkboard..I am so into chalkboards right now!