A guest post.

Hey there blog readers.
Cruz here. Cute right?
My Mom is apprearently really busy right now - no post yesterday? Slacker.
So I am here to hold up the fort.
Well it's been a week now since my parents up rooted me from my cozy home in 203 and plunked me into this new house full of these ridiculous hard wood floors. What were they thinking right?
I pleased to report I am getting used to it. My parents were feeling very sorry for me as I was hating the change but it is growing on me (don't tell them though, I am enjoying the extra attention).
This was me our first night helping Mom and Dad set up their bed.
I was exhausted from all the stress.
Good thing I found their comforter to nap on.
Want to know my favorite part of the house though... my ravine. Yes it's mine.
I am so excited every time we round the corner and I am unleashed into it.
Mom is excited that it is only a short walk to starbucks through my ravine too.
My backyard is pretty fantastic as well. Except for the yappy dogs who live around us.
Holy heck they are annoying. I will be having a chat with them as soon as we meet face to face. There is just no need for all the yapping.
This is one of my Mom's favorite features of the new house.
It's right at the bottom of the stairs on the main floor.
I'm not sure what the fuss is all about but she seems to like it.
Mom and Dad went with the 'vintage' theme because they wanted Uncle Brian's old phone (middle right) to live there.

Dad's favorite feature is probably his new TV and sectional couch.
Apparently the corner spot on the couch is HIS.
Photos to come.
Well today we also said goodbye to 203 house. The new owners move in today so it is a little bitter sweet.
My Mom may have shed a tear, I know what you're thinkin'... MY Mom cry?! Never. Yup. She did.
But it was my first home and their first home together so we were a little sad but what I am told is this is our new 'forever home'. So I am ok with that. I guess I best get used to these darn floors then.

Alright I think that's it. I have been pretty spoiled, my Dad has been home most of the week to entertain me. I love that. He really loves throwing the ball for me all day long.
He has been calling me 'pest' lately. Not too sure what that means but I am sure it is something really good.

I'll try and get my Mom back on track so she can be a better blogger next week.
Wish me luck. I'm off to play ball with Dad. He's been waiting patiently.
Happy Weekend Loves.


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Ashley said...

Hahaha - cute post!! Yuck to all that snow though!!! (Although I am sure you love it Cruz)

Have a great weekend!! Can't wait to see more pics!!

Leigh said...

Haha such a great post Cruz! Who knew those paws of yours could type?!

See you on Sunday!

Logan said...

Oh Cruzie, it's a good thing you keep your mom and dad busy!! Hahaaa, Nice back yard!! We can't wait to come visit, so you can take the kids back there to explore!! Though your mom and I may need more than starbucks!!:)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Love Cruz's guest posts! I can't wait until your ravine is connected to my ravine!! I love the wall cut-out feature!

Rachel W said...

Great post Cruz!! Love my dads phone !

Laura Darling said...

So cute! I'm glad that everyone is adjusting! And a short walk to Starbucks? Awesome!

Jenn :D said...

Oh my gosh that is just too cute!! I can't wait to see more pix!! Hope you had a great day. :)

Bride-onicles said...

Aww Cruz, you are such a good writer! I am sure once you get used to the new house and all new sounds you will be back to being the king of the house in no time! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came across your blog..awesome pictures!!

Kae* said...

I have a new bff for you!
She wants to meet you asap.

Real Housewife in MN said...

Oh my gosh!!! Your dog is flippin adorable! I'm thinking she would be a perfect playmate for Bo (my ridiculous lab!) love it :)