First full weekend full of work!

Cheers to our new house!

We had a very busy - house work filled weekend.
But first we decided on a NO work Friday night. 
So we plowed through 4 episodes of Sons of Anarchy (and then another 5 over the rest of the weekend!)
While grocery shopping on Friday I picked up split peas and beans in bulk (I had popcorn kernels) for a table centre piece I saw that I wanted to recreate.
Vases I had - fish bowl from our wedding, square from Lindsey and Steve's wedding, taller one I use for Valentine's Day decorations.
This was my inspiration:
Mine - (I decided not to layer them right now, I think I will switch them up soon)

I received the pillows I ordered from ElemenoPillows - they are beautiful. 
So well made and great fabrics.
We built this bench this weekend. It was a HUGE pain the the ass to build. True story. It didn't help we put 2 entire pieces on backwards and screwed the darn things in before we noticed...
Oh well. It's done and looks good. You can lift the seat for storage.
(another pillow lives there!)
We need a big piece of art for over the bench and a larger front door rug eventually too.
Justin built this vanity for over the toilet on the main floor and then we hung it along with all the photos in the bathroom.
Justin's TV up in the un-decorated bonus room.
 Justin's "Corner" on the new sectional.
Then some how I managed to rope this handsome man into helping me put up my gallery photo wall. It was actually harder to do than I thought it would be.
Applying the vinyl.
 Ta da!!
 YAY! I love the finished product. :)
(missing one photo..)
 The small square after the vinyl has the key to our first house.
Oh AND we replaced the ugly chandelier the house came with with this fan.
This was also a huge pain in the butt to install. Good thing Justin is handy and I am so strong! ha
 View of other side of living room/eating area. Kitchen (disaster area!) is on the right.
We will be getting rid of the 8 mirrors on that wall eventually and replace them with 1 large mirror.
 We also put up our Chrismas lights! Hello Christmas house!
Then Sunday I was up bright and early to go volunteer at the Catch the Elves Run for muscular dystrophy with Leigh and Nicole. We had fun helping out and chatting! We also rocked the red shirts. Yes we did.
Justin and his buddy Case spent the day doing wiring/network stuff I don't know anything about on the house. But it was a big job that didn't go as planned I understand.
Then we hit up the local watering hole for lunch. Justin calls it his watering hole already. Oh dear!

So that was a our weekend of work. Don't worry - Cruz spent lots of time in the ravine as well. We even went for a late night walk to check out all the Christmas lights Saturday night. So fun.
Hope everyone had a good one!

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Carolyn said...

Love the house! You've gotten so much done already! :) It's looking great!!

Jessica said...

I made the candle centerpiece with the beans and corn kernels too! LOVE it. :)
Just switched it out for Christmas.

Leigh said...

I really like how your gallery wall came out! I almost want to copy it if I had a spot to do one.

I had fun yesterday, so thank you!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The photo wall looks great! I love it!
That was a productive weekend for sure. I complain about busy weekends but then when I look back I always am thankful when we get a lot done.
PS I think we have the same couches!

Tami said...

Oh my goodness... I am IN LOVE with your gallery wall! You did an amazing job. I love the idea of framing the key to your first house. That is so cool. Your new house looks gorgeous and I love all of the decorating that you have done. I can't wait to see more!

Logan said...

LOVE LOVE the photo wall, I think I may recreate my own on one of my walls! the one in the kitchen above the stairs! House looks awesome!!!

Ashley said...

wow -- you guys were so busy! and you are way better than I am -- you have pictures to post lol! We also have a gallery wall going -- yours looks fantastic =) can't wait to see more!

G and G said...

Holy guys were SO busy!!! I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the gallery wall. Way to go Justin (and you too AJ)!!! Bench looks great as does the bathroom. You two need a break....good thing it is Vegas week. 2 more sleeps, Cruzie, until your holiday with us :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I love that you have your house key framed! what a fun idea!!

Gabriella and Marco said...

Those pillows are so awesome! I LOVE your gallery wall! I'm inspired to start mine now!

Jenn :D said...

OMG! You have kicked ass this week! Great job on everything. I love the photo gallery; simple yet so unique! Very beautiful home. I hope you get to relax and enjoy it now! xox

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Great job decorating! You got a lot accomplished. And I love the pictures with the saying in the middle :)

Kristin said...

love how the vinyl turned out!!

Kae* said...

sounds like a very accomplished weekend!
I love love how the new house turned out! That decorative wall is amazing!
I have missed blogging, so glad to catch up with my favorite best blog buddy! :)

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Sounds like a busy but wonderful weekend! I love how the photo wall turned out, very cute!

Caroline said...

Wow! You guys have really been busy! I love the new house and I love all your Pinterest decorations. I keep meaning to do the key one. How is Cruz adjusting?

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Nice centrepiece! I need to get a Christmas-y one as my table looks a little bare.

Love the new pillows!! The new bench looks great too!

I am in LOVE with your photo wall!! It looks so good! Your hard work definitely paid off!

Pretty Christmas lights! Last night we went for a walk through the neighborhood to look at all the lights! So festive now!

Whit said...

Love all of it as usual!! you two were busy little bees!! ;) AND Christmas lights to boot.. Nice work - You're gonna need that Vegas vaca for sure ;) xox