Don't tell Taylor!

But I forgot to post this last week! oups!! So I am little behind the 8 ball!
  But It's no secret that I love this girl.

See how excited I am at her concert...!

Well my girl did it again...won Entertainer of the Year. :)
 Whoop hoop.

Let's take a look at her fabulous hair and dress.

And take a listen..

Cute song. :) 
I think you should come play at Stampede IN CALGARY this year friend.
mmkay thanks.
Enter my giveaway below! Cruz is begging me to help with the draw so we may do a little video again to draw the winner...

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Jessica said...

She is so talented! Love her in concert.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

She is so beautiful, talented and level-headed!

Al said...

Wow, I feel so behind here in Istanbul! I listened to that song and just loved it - I used to be a huge country fan, but can't find a country station in Turkey :)
Happy Thursday my love!!

Whitney said...

I just love that taylor swift! I had to miss her show a few weeks ago when she was in ky. Super jealous you gots to go :-). I hear her concerts are AhhhMazing.

Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

She is SO down to earth, I mean if she weren't names Taylor Swift & waasn't singing this at the CMA's... You'd think she was like one of us, living a normal American life. :)