Christmas Day!

That's how excited I am that today is here!

(Last night)
Last night I did the walk through of our home with our realtor and today I am {patiently} waiting until possession time.
And then I will be busy cleaning the place top to bottom (with Mom and Dad's help!) to make it move in ready for our team of muscular friends and family to help with the move tomorrow.
We are so so so thankful to everyone who is coming out to helps us! Especially considering all the snow that showed up this morning! Thanks Mother Nature!
I am so totally excited about this weekend it is ridiculous though! Bring.It.On. :)

Current state of house. Lovely.
I also need to thank my blog friend Adrian over the Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girl.
I was shocked when I saw little old ME featured on her blog today, check it out! Adrian is the kindest person and I love that you appreciate my blog as much as I love to write on it Adrian. You really do meet the greatest people through the blog world!
I have to share one thing about Adrian that I just think makes her so incredibly special.
She is an egg donor. She does not want kids of her own but helps women who can't do it on their own.
This is not just a simple procedure either. It involves surgery and a lot of recovery and prep time. Not to mention taking a huge chunk out of her own life to change someone elses. You can read about that here. AND she has done this not once, but twice and is preapring for her third!! Adrian you rock!
Here are a few funny videos of David (we are on a first name basis) from the Ellen show..I was telling my Mom and Dad about them so thought I'd share.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Jessica said...

Heading over to catch your feature!!

Ashley said...

Happy POSSESSION DAY and MOVING Day tomorrow!! Make sure you take pics of your old house before you go, so you will always have that part of your story!!! I hope everything goes smoothly!!!!

Holly said...

Happy New House day!! I'm so happy that you got the house that you LOVED!! Have fun cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. I can't wait for your move-in pictures!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Good luck with the move! Congrats!!!!!

Al said...

Happy Day, love!!! And moving day tomorrow - so exciting! If I lived closer you know I'd be there in a heartbeat to help! Stay warm and enjoy the weekend babe, it will be one you will always remember! xoxo :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy moving weekend!!! This is so exciting and I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see pictures once you are all settled into your new home!

Adrian sounds like such a GIVING person! My friend's mom was a surrogate twice and I think that giving someone the gift of a child is the ultimate gift! It's so nice to know there are such caring people in this world.

Enjoy your weekend hun and best of luck on the big move!!!


Gabriella and Marco said...

Yeay for moving day! Have fun! :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Hope your move goes well! Happy cleaning!

Leigh said...

So exciting that new house day is finally here!See you tomorrow :)

Jenn :D said...

Yay so excited for you!! Have fun! :D

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Best of luck with the move this weekend. Too bad about this crazy weather. Oh well, you'll be so happy you won't even notice ;)

Kae* said...

Love the feature! I hope the moving went well this weekend! You have been on my mind, and I sent you a pic of our new family member :) she is patiently waiting to meet Cruz someday!

Amanda said...

YAYAYAYAY! Can't wait to see the house once you're all moved in :)