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Happy Tuesday!

Thank you to Whit for sharing this above quote with me.
1. I worked on organizing the house from 4:30pm-9:30pm last night. I can finally breath easier. Each room [sorta] looks organized. Until I go into the basement and have a panic attack.

2. Last week I had read an article on Coconut Water and all of it's benefits. I saw it at superstore the very next day so I bought a pack of 6. It's gross. I have been choking it down at work but I will not buy it again, benefits smenefits.

3. I REALLY miss being able to text my brother. He has lived away from home the last 5 years but I have always been able to send him a quick text if I think of something to tell him or miss him. Stupid Germany and me not having a blackberry.
But don't fret - for Christmas Justin and I are buying each other iPhones so I can get an app to text with him. That's right - I'll get an app for that!
Hi Brother - Love ya. xo

4. I love love love our house. But if I am being honest I REALLY miss our old closet and my central vac system.

5. Cool Story: A few weeks ago a friend of mine bought one of Whit's rice packs/crib warmers she makes from AW Design... Well last week this friend was on vacation at the Biggest Loser Ranch Spa and had a massage and showed the massage therapist the rice pack she has been loving...well the massage therapist from the Biggest Loser Ranch LOVED them and ordered a bunch from Whitney! Superstar! So cool. 

6. In our old house all the little white nubs were missing off our door stoopers as Cruz had chewed them off and thrown them around the house.

Well last night Cruz found the door stoppers in the new house.
It was hilarious. I could hear this noise so I snuck upstairs and found her sitting in our room pawing at one so it that would make a large noise. She then raced to the bonus room looking for more. Then raced downstairs, found one in the kitchen and promptly sat down to paw at it. Silly girl.

7. I'm loving this new greek yogurt from Superstore.

8. Today is a good day. Whitney and Easton stopped by the school to drop off rice bags so we had a quick visit. Emerson and Crystal are stopping by our house for a quick visit (and starbucks!) after work and tonight I am having dinner with my parents. YAY!

9. My girlfriend Julia is getting married in September and shared her engagement photos with me. Too cute not to share.
Isn't she beautiful!

10. That's it for today!

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Just the Two of US said...

Ok, i love the greek yogurt. I needed to hear that quote. I love all the pics! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Caroline said...

Those pics are gorgeous! How cool is it a) your friend went to the Biggest Loser Ranch and b) that she taught the trainer something new. So cool. And Cruz is so funny. Knox has never been interested in our's so don't let her tell him!

Jenn :D said...

Oh I hate coconut water too!! I don't know how people drink it! That is too funny about Cruz chewing~I love sneaking up on our dogs when they are up to no good. You will love the iPhone & there is def a free texting app I used with my friend Norm when he was in Europe a few months ago. Enjoy your Starbucks!!

Jessica said...

Bummer you can't talk to your bro right now, soon enough though! ;)

Your friends pics are GORGEOUS.

Leigh said...

Ah I am excited for you to get an iphone! They are addicting...just to warn you!!

Haha oh Cruz, she makes me laugh!

LindsayNicole said...

Loved your post! haha Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Whit said...

I love this post :) AND I love having been able to see you today!! Miss you. The engagement pics are INCREDIBLE and Cruz is hilarious. xox (Wish our little visit could have been a BIG one :))

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I hear ya with the coconut water...gross! I know there are different flavors, but I'm scared to try! I love the Greek yogurt at Superstore too :)

Megan said...

Her engagement pictures are adorable! And seriously, our dogs have chewed all the door stoppers off, too!!

Kae* said...

Oh yay for getting an iPhone! I have one and I absolutely love it! :)
what is the app you can get?
ps there a pinterest app...I use it all the time... :)
Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday love!

Whitney said...

ok the iphone will change your life....seriously! you are gonna love it! I think the story of your fur baby chewing the door stoppers is so funny, but oh so precious. Glad you are getting settled into your alls new home. enjoy every single second :-)

krink said...

Have such an amazing trip! And HAPPY SHOPPING!!!
Congrats on the great sell Whit! Pretty cool that you are selling to The Biggest Loser Ranch!
Thanks for the visit. Emerson's lip was still fat when she went to bed, but I finally managed to pull off the excess skin. And she didn't even cry! What a tough cookie!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Look at you powering through and getting the house all organized! The basement doesn't count...

J bought a huge case of Coconut water from Costco and I think it is disgusting too! Just a disappointment! Regular water for me please!

That's so cool that Whit's rice packs are getting international attention!

Haha I laughed at Cruz taking all the knobs off the door jams! Our cat sometimes plays with them but thankfully hasn't gotten any off!

Those are beautiful engagement photos of your friend!