Roll back...

Happy Friday!
I was snooping on my own facebook page last night and found photos from my stagette that made me smile.
It's funny how much can change in a few short years. Whitney and I were friends back then (back then ha - the whole 2 and a bit years ago) but we are so much closer now it's hard to remember not being as close as we are. And it's funny to look back and really pin point the events that made us the friends we are now, may not have been the best events of our lives but we found a friendship within them.
Anyways - I am thankful for these shots...the picture ones. Not the booze. :)

Fun times with my closest.

 Moi, Whit, Karen
 On our way downtown...
 Big not so comfy couch...we loved it apprently.
On no we didn't Whit.

 Oups how did this one get in there? Sorry babe.
Yup my honey in a dress. Can you tell I loved it!
Especially the pearls!

We cleaned up good for the wedding though Whit.

Enjoy your weekend. :)

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Justin said...

So dead!!!

The Presutti's said...

These are adorable! I love looking back through old photos!! Have a great weekend!!

Whit said...

Bahahahahaha!! Oh my...where do I even begin!!! We definitely have had our fun (still do) AND I am SO grateful to have a besty as amazing and wonderful as YOU!! (Just' you look pretty deadly in that dress.. hahaha! Love it) Thanks for the trip down memory lane and many more memories to come my dear cause I'm not going anywhere - you're stuck with me!! xox

Kae* said...

I love this! So fun it looks like :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh fun!! I love looking back at my bachelorette photos! Such a crazy night!

Love J's dress!!

Mrs. B said...

Awww, how fun!! And, you look GORGEOUS on your wedding day! :)

Jade said...

I love looking back at old photo's, it brings back so many great memories. It definitely looks like you were having a good time that night.

Venassa said...

That brick couch is awesome! I love the photos. They make the night look like so much fun, as I'm sure it was.