Well hello Wednesday. So glad you are here.
I am loving that Whit gave us a disc of all of our photo shoot pics.
We had fun going through them all.
Here are a few more I love.

Love this one of Cruzie!

I am loving that we are headed to lake this weekend for thanksgiving with the family.

I'm loving how sweet my sweet co-worker Becki is. I was telling her all about my shopping freeze and she was shocked - she is a shopper and openly admitted she could NEVER do it! She showed up yesterday with a bracelet she bought me that is the same as one she has that I love! So sweet.

How did he get on here? Oh David.

I'm loving that Jeff is in California working hard and following his dreams. 
As always I think whatever team he ends up on is lucky to have him. Love you bud.

I'm loving that our house sold after 14 days on the market and 10 showing. 
We are excited to get out and see more places today!

Happy Wednesday. Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love!

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Michelle said...

Your pictures are amazing!! :)

Caroline said...

Love all of the pics! Cruz is so photogenic. And I cannot believe your house sold so fast. So wonderful!

Jessica said...

Love all the pics!! You guys look great. :)

Gabriella said...

Your pictures are incredible! Love them all! I need to teach Homie how to pose like Cruz!! :)

Leigh said...

Whitney did such an amazing job on the pictures! I think I might have to get some family pictures done with her soon (of course if she is willing!)

Hope you have a great weekend at the lake with your family :)

Ashley said...

Absolutely love the pictures!! I wish mine had turned out better from the photographed I had... :( I need Whit to come to Ontario!

So excited for you and your house search!!

Jennifer said...

Love the photos! You guys look great :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

LOVE your pictures!! Where did you guys go for the shoot?

Your co-worker is so sweet!!

Whitney said...

LOVE!! these pics of the fam and the pooch are grrrrreeeat :-)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, they turned out amazing! (Not that I'm surprised, y'all are gorgeous!) Love them all.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Oh my goodness...congrats on selling your house!! That was fast!
Love your boots :)

lori said...

stopping by from wilw... your pictures are fabulous! congrats on selling the house!!

Megan said...

How awesome that y'alls home sold so fast!! And y'alls pictures are GORGEOUS!! WOW!

Lori said...

oh your pictures are amazing! you are such a gorgeous couple. and your pup is just adorable :) hm.. and mr. beckham is pretty nice to look at too.

Suze said...

Loving the pics!

Congrats on house being sold! Hope you had luck house hunting!

Have a blessed thanksgiving!

Wishing good luck to Jeff!

krink said...

Oh David! *smirk*
P.S. Love the new font on the comments section!