Ice cream for breakfast!!!

Now wouldn't that be a great way to start the day! I think so!

So last night I was in need of a little treat.
 Justin was heading out the door for drinks with a friend, I am working on a cleanse so couldn't have my regular treats...
Enter: Banana Ice Cream.
Found here.
I modified it a little.

What I did:
1. Pulled out my friend the Magic Bullet.
2. Pulled a frozen banana out of the freezer.
3. Gasped at how many are in there! {Banana muffins are in our near future!}
4. Struggled to get the peel off. Managed.
5. Shoved it in the magic bullet.
6. Added 1 tbsp of organic cocoa.
7. Added 1 tbsp of almond butter.
8. Magic bullet'ed' it. Technical term.
9. Tasted it. Decided I love it.

Then I went into production.
Then my magic bullet got upset.
Yup I made it 6 times and put them in little containers in the freezer.

Try it. Creamy and delicious. And good for you!

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krink said...

This may require me to go out and buy some almond butter. Mmmmmmmm...

Al said...

I Loved you before. But I think I've fallen in love ALL OVER AGAIN! Seriously. Now you have put Magic Bullet on my xmas list and this will be the first treat I make when I get back home for the holidays. After guacamole, of course... ;)


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

awesome! that sounds soo great!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love banana soft serve! I layer it with overnight oats and jam :)

Whit said...

YUMMM!!! I'm definitely gonna try this. I love froz bananas. Can't say you aren't innovative ;)

Lauren said...

That sounds so good! I think I might be making this for breakfast sometime soon!


ashley said...

Hahaha...too funny, because I looked in our freezer last night and thought the same thing (banana muffins need to be made!).

Cole might like this, unfortunately I can't have any because I'm allergic to bananas. Booo :(

Amanda said...

Aren't frozen bananas soo good? I feel like I would like this recipe better. What kind of cleanse are you doing? And why? I'm intrigued.

Café Moka said...

Thats looks so good!!! And easy to do!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

OMG this sounds so good! I am making this tonight as I have a bunch of frozen bananas in the freezer too! Love banana muffins!

Kelly said...

It sounds so easy - plus, healthy! Nice find. (and nice new technical term!)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great alternative to ice cream when you're on a cleanse! I will give this a try sometime!