The hunt for our Home Sweet Home


{This may bore some of you but I want to document this so we can look back at it and what better place than our blog! So bare with me.}

Last night we met up with our realtor and went and checked out 6 homes.
It was so fun!
I feel very fortunate that we are able to be looking at purchasing a new home and a home we will be in for a long time to come.
With that being said, we are being very picky and making sure the house is perfect for us  
(Cruz and future kidlets as well) but we also aren't opposed to putting a little elbow grease into making it ours.

All houses had the bonus room above the double attached garage that Justin loves.
All had ensuite bathrooms, large soaker tubs. All had walk-in closets but none of them are as great as the one I have now. But that's ok!

House 1
(+) Well maintained home. No one lives there anymore. Nice hardwood on main floor. Plain.
(-) No landscaping done, just weeds. No fences built. Pretty small backyard. Double attached garage but really small inside garage. *House next door (on the right) has a metal fence all the way around the house and big sign saying it is deemed unsafe. Other neighbours suspect grow op. Awesome.* On a pretty busy street. Single sink in ensuite.
Out of the running.

House 2
3 houses down the hill from House 1. Exactly the same layout as well. House 2 veto'd House 1.
(+) Amazing Douglas Hunter shutters. 2 tier deck out back. Very well maintained, cozy feel to it. Great colors on walls, carpet in good condition. Love the main floor layout. Hardwood on main floor. Loved the kitchen colors.
(-) Very small grass space in back due to large deck. Same double attached small garage. On a busy street. Single sink in ensuite.
Out of the running.

House 3
House 3 is on the same street as 1 and 2 but up the hill a ways. House 3 trumps 1 and 2.
(+) Well maintained home. No one living here anymore. Amazing layout on main floor, beautiful tile and hardwood. Lots of high windows to bring in natural light. Neat lighting features/nooks. Great second floor, wide hallways. Double sink in ensuite. Fabulous 2nd floor laundry room, big room, full wall of shelves. We really liked this house.
(-) Small backyard. No landscaping done (can you see the tall weeds out front!). No fence. On a busy street. My least favorite when it comes to curb appeal.
This house would be perfect other than location (we don't want to be on a busy street) and backyard - out of the running.

House 4 - In the running?
Dear House 4,
You caused Justin and I to lose sleep over you.
We want you.
But you are too expensive right now.
Darn you. Please drop your price and you could be ours.
Yours truly,
Alison, Justin and Cruz.

(+) This house was perfection. On a quiet street near pathways and ravine. Backyard is huge. The best main floor layout, super open, kitchen loops back to front door (large entry way), bathroom, garage (hard to explain). Bigger square footage than the others. Kitchen is my favorite!! Main floor laundry room off garage. Great hardwood on main floor, carpet in excellent shape. Really nice wall features/shelves with lighting. Upstairs is fabulous too, the layout so open, different and great all at the same time, the bonus room and 2 spare rooms is really seperate from master bedroom. Double sink in ensuite. We don't think anyone is currently living here so our fingers are crossed they would like to drop their price and sell it to us. We have told our realtor to work his magic and we were up all night thinking about it!
(-) Too expensive. A crazy gold light/chandelier must go (if I am being super picky!). There is nothing we don't like about this house, except the price!

We have a lottery ticket on top of the fidge. Must go check it. Or Cruz needs to get her butt to work. :)

House 5 - In the running.
(+) Backyard is incredible. Like seriously amazing. Big garage. Beautiful main floor. Nice hardwood and carpet is in good shape (except for pink paint stain in a spare room). In a cul-de-sac, great location, right near pathways. Great ensuite, single sink but has a little 'make-up station' well call it! Love the look of this house, best curb appeal. Comes with a beautiful wooden play structure in backyard (ha ha I was excited that it came with this!) We really like this house. No one is living in this house either.
(-) Roof over kitchen is a bit odd, but not terrible. Justin hated the roof in photos but it's not bad. Lighting 'upgrades' are not my cup of tea. They did an awful job painting, it's all over the roof and baseboards in the bonus room and both spare rooms. Both spare rooms would need a paint job (one is bubblegum pink and purple, other is peach and red beachy theme but very poorly done). Main floor bathroom has awful wall paper. Walk in closet is not huge but ok.
Everything is fixable.

House 6
Foreclosure (2 offers on this place already {crazy people!}, we would NEVER buy it)
(-) Very sad. This once was a VERY expensive house. It now could be turned into a very scary haunted house with very little work. So sad as it appeared that children once lived there as there were kid drawings all over the walls and white doors. They basically used the floor as a ash tray. Odd noises were coming from the basement (we didn't venture down!). Let's just say we didn't take our shoes off and I would not go into the house alone. The listing said is needed a little TLC. Ha. A little.

Ok so that was Day 1 of looking.
We are going again tomorrow to look at another community and then Tuesday to go see the ones we like again.
So we'll see House 4 and 5 from yesterday and then which ever ones we like from tomorrow...
That's the plan! :)

{Justin feel free to add your comments in as well}

Happy Tuesday!

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Hannah @ The New Black said...

While house hunting can be so fun it can be extremely stressful too! I like the sound of #4. Having the master a little separated from the rest of the floor is really nice. I hope they drop the price for you!

Ashley said...

Love the look of #5!! But #4 sounds pretty spectacular!!

Holly said...

Isn't it so funny that guys notice things like the shingles on the roof. :) I hope house #4 lowers their price. How is the current home for sale going?

Jessica said...

You guys looked at alot of great houses, hope you find the one for you! We are so sick of looking, seems like nothing is the perfect fit for us. :/

Caroline said...

You guys are checking out some beautiful houses. I know you'll find the perfect one for you. And it's great that you kept up with all of this! It'll help you in the long run.

Janell said...

Alison, best of luck with everything! I hope you and Justin find the home of your dreams :) this whole house hunting process is so interesting to me and to tell the truth I'm definitely a little jealous. My husband and I never got the chance to go house hunting.. When his parents decided to pass the farming torch to us they bought a house in y

Janell said...

(continued from above) we bought the family farm house. In a way I'm glad "house hunting" was super easy for us but at the same time it would have been nice to browse. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys for the price to go down on that special one :)

krink said...

House 4 and 5 sound awesome you guys! Plus I have to agree that the curb appeal for both of those are my favorites out of the ones you listed. Though I have to say that I am disappointed that you didn't post a picture of the haunted house!!! You know how much Troy and I LOVE Halloween! And I would love to see this scary place :D

Leigh said...

My fingers are crossed that that price will come down for you! If you go back again to the expensive one and find nothing wrong with it again, it might be a sign. That's how we were with our house. We found zero wrong with it (besides being on the busier street, but it's not bad at all)

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I love the look of house #5. Plus, the upgrades needed are pretty cheap. However, I hope house #4 drops their price for ya ;) My only advice is don't settle! Get exactly what you want (even if that means a few upgrades). For our first house, we absolutely loved the house, but it was on a main street. We bought it because we were in a rush. I ended up hating it there...the location drove me nuts! Last year, we sold it and moved to the house of our dreams!

Julie said...

I really hope house 5 lowers their price!! Go with your heart on this one!

Amanda said...

Why does the perfect house to be so expensive? Why?

Rachel and John said...

eeeek! How Exciting! What don't you try putting a lower offer in on the house? Even if they turn it down now, when they realize the house is over priced, they might contact you to see if you're still interested! What Neighbourhood were those houses in?

Mackeys Moments said...

house shopping is stressful, you guys have picked out some beauties!
Best wishes, you'll find the perfect fit!

new follower of your blog.
So nice to meet you!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Gorgeous houses! You are having way better luck finding houses than we were on our 1st day!! I think we looked at 12 houses and they were all garbage!

I hate when the best house is too expensive :( Hope you have some luck tonight and find an even better house! I was walking through my neighborhood last night and saw a few places for sale... just saying!!

Kristin said...

Very exciting!! Hope you get the one you want!