I'm sorry - I feel like all I do is random posts lately? No?
My brain is elsewhere - it's been a hectic few weeks. But anyways, I'm here.

Check out the brother in Germany!
Hi Brother! (Tall one on right)
Who is the cutie in the middle?

We were SO happy to get an email from him last night (although I had butterflies in my tummy reading everything you are going through Jeff!).
And I just gotta say - I am glad it is him there and not me. This guy is tough.
This girl would be booking my flight home pronto. Talk about being thrown into a foreign country. His coach only speaks German on the ice and in the change room. OMG. And he is there to play hockey so he will be on said ice and in said change room a lot. AND Jeff doesn't speak German. And the other players only speak some English.
(Other than Vinny, thank god for Vinny - above photo on left).
Oh Jeff.  Sibling we are, but oh so different!
BUT I am very proud of you. Very very.
Enjoy the adventure!

I think that might be all from me today...

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The Presutti's said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful experience.

Logan said...

Im with you Alison, wow that would be so hard to go to another country and not be able speak their language! I bet you will learn the basics fast Jeff!! Good Luck!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Wow..new country, new language, new everything! That would scare me too!

Janell said...

Oh geeze.. I would be booking a flight back home too if I was in his place.. Foreign languages make me queezy if I'm surrounded by them with a clue of what's being said. My sister picked up on conversational German when she was living there for a few years with the air force so hopefully your brother will too. At least she had a safe haven (the base) where all they spoke was English. Tell your brother to hang in there! They wouldn't have brought him onto the team if communication was impossible :)

Whitney said...

wow! i cant imagine what your brother is going through. i dont think i would have what it takes to stick it out. Kudos to him! you have a lot to be proud of :-)

Leigh said...

I don't think I could do what your brother is doing! I am too much of a homebody and hate change. But that's an awesome opportunity for him :)

Cami said...

Being random is the best :) Glad he made it safe & sound...yay!

Happy Friday darling! Any fun plans?

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Kae* said...

Oh props to your brother! that would be so hard, but obviously he is tough and will succeed!

Holly said...

How exciting for your brother!! :) I'm sure he'll pick up some German in no time. I'm like you, though-- I'd be on my way back home.