Brother, brother


Today I am sending a little motivation and a lot of love over to my brother.
He is wrapping up the last week in try outs for the Ontario Reign in California.
And he deseves to be there and it's always good to hear him acknowledge that.

{Cool story - my Grandpa and Chris are currently on a road trip traveling through the states and just so happened to be near San Diego when Jeff just the call to go try out for this team in Ontario. So on Saturday night they surprised Jeff and showed up at his game with a big sign to cheer him on!! What are the chances of them both being in California at the same time!?! Nice work Grampa and Chris. xo }

We love you Jeff and you have lots of people cheering for you from a far.
Continue to work hard as you always do.
This is YOUR opportunity.
(And P.S. 'Jeff's back' leave him alone. No more spasms. Thanks.)

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Gabriella said...

How cool! Good luck to you brother. Love those quotes you posted!

Kae* said...

Whoop! Good Luck Jeff!

Jessica said...

Good luck to your brother!

Ashley said...

You are such a sweet sister lol! You said Ontario and I had my hopes up! California would be the better option though - they get better weather~~ Good luck to Jeff!!

Oh and fab quotes!! Just what I like to read ;)

krink said...

Good Luck Jeff! You'll do Grrrrreat!!!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

What a proud sister you are!! I will admit you had me a bit confused with the whole Ontario- California thing! I keep forgetting Ontario is a city too!

Purple Daisies said...

Good luck Jeff!!!

Deidre said...

Good luck Jeff!

Annie said...

thinking about your bro and sending him positive vibes!!! best of luck to him!

p.s. love your candy corn wreath!!!