Happy Wednesday! Half way through this week.
Time for some Loves...

Frozen grapes for wine. Genius.

Old team. Same guy. :)
I am loving facebook chat so I can chat with Jeff.
Wish I had a blackberry for I could BBM with him though. Darnit.

Justin and I both love this. And so easy to make!
Gabriella over at Two Peeps and a Pooch and Nicki over at Me 2 We Est 2011 awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. :)
And I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Stephanie at Blonde Highlights.
Thank you gals!

Glo sticks in the bath tub.
Lily is spending the weekend with us and this is on our to do list.

The girl loves baths and she will be pumped about this!

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krink said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the measuring stick beside the door! Great idea! And the glow sticks in the bath is pretty cool. You will have to let me know if Lily likes them.

Kit said...

Frozen grapes for wine is genius!

Ashley said...

I wish you had a black berry too.... you should work on that lol... jk - sorta...
We should use fb chat!!

Oh and reminder - you move in like 17 days!!! are you pumped?!

Kae* said...

You are loving some great things! The grapes in wine is def something I am going to be trying! :)

Logan said...

Glow Sticks in the Bath!!! You are amazing!!! to get glow sticks!! Oh how my kids will think Im the best! (I won't tell them where I got the idea, just soak it all up!!:)) and the grapes in the wine, Hhhmm.....maybe I will have a glass of wine with frozen grapes and a bath with glow sticks!! :) Thanks for making my wednesday happier!!xox

Lisa said...

I love that measuring stick and the glow sticks in the bathtub ideas! Too fun! Happy Wednesday!

Amanda said...

Love the grape/wine idea! We r wine-os lol!

Whit said...

Looove the ruler SUPER cute!! And the glow sticks in the bath is something I'm gonna have to share with Illy :)