This weekend was great.
Down time plus some adventures!
We had Lily and that is always an adventure - ha ha.
She is great but busy as all heck.
Friday night Crystal, Troy and Emerson had us and Debbie over for dinner.

Auntie and my sweet pea. Love her smiles!
 Justin and his tickle fingers!
 Lily loved Emerson and wanted to help with anything she could!

 I made these for dessert. Chocolate marshmellow croissants.

Saturday we vegged at home, did a little packing.
That night Lily had a birthday party so we dropped her off and then headed out for dinner. We had gift certificates from Justin's Mom to Milesones.
I had the yummiest drink (raspberry mijito) and dish (Cajun Shrimp Diane). I must figure uot how to make this!
Sunday Lily and I went swimming. That girl is a fish. We spend 3.5 hours in the pool.

Justin and Cruz headed out to Canmore.
Cruz was very excited to be joining him and she did great (even wore a bear bell).
Was a tired puppy Sunday night!
Dad and Cruz 
 Beautiful Canmore.
 Handsome hubby.
 Cruz aka mounain goat.

 Lily and her buddy.

In other news, the dog lover in me jumped into action this morning. I was working away at my desk enjoying my productivity as it is a PD day {so no kids - thank you Crystal for hanging out with Lily!} and all of a sudden this huge Bernese Mountain Dog is in my peripheral vision. I jump up from my desk hoping I see an owner close behind as this dog is off leash and our school is on a busy road. No owner. So I go running outside, by the time I get out there this poor dog is running into the middle of this busy street. Enter heart in my throat.
So cars are vearing off the road trying to avoid the dog, honking, avoiding accidents, I am trying to call it to me, but the cars are scaring him further away. The dog ends up running way down the road, I am running along side the median trying to get to it as cars try and corner it. Mayham!
All of a sudden the dog quickly turned and headed towards me so I just sat down on the grass and put on my 'puppy' voice and the sweet giant came right towards me.
So I grab his collar and run with him ALL the way back to the school and get him inside our gates. Sigh of relief! Thank goodness it is sneaker and lulu pant day!
He was wearing a collar and a bandana but no tags, I couldn't find a tattoo in his ears - so hopefully he is microchipped or tattoed elsewhere as animal services picked him up and will check all of that. Poor thing was so sweet and scared.
Super Alison to the rescue!
***Update: Owner came looking for "Carter". YAY. So I was able to call Animal Services and Carter and Papa will be reunited! :) ***

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Jessica said...

Aww! That poor pup! Hope his family found him, you're awesome to get out there and get him off the road.

Rachel and John said...

Good work Alison! Poor puppy. I hope they find his owners! ENjoy the rest of your PD day!

Café Moka said...

Those chocolate marshmallow croissants look really good!
Sounds like a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you did have a great weekend!!

What is a bear belt?

Soo glad you saved the dog!! I love bermese mountain dogs! M and I were going to get one, but decided on the golden retrievers instead!

Kae* said...

aw! I am so glad the puppy got home okay! way to go friend :)
Sounds like such a nice weekend :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Emerson is such a cutie!!

Good for you for rescuing the dog! So happy to hear the owner found him!

Leigh said...

I was going to ask the same thing about the bear belt...where did you get it? I am assuming it helps to keep bears away?

Any luck on finding the owners of that dog?

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I love trying to recreate recipes from a restaurant! That dessert looks super yummy and nice and easy to make :)

krink said...

Yeah Auntie Alison to the rescue! So glad that Carter didn't get hurt in the mayhem! And OH MY GOSH soooo scary for him to be running along McKnight! Where the heck did he escape from?
Lily was great today, and had a great time playing in the leaves at the park!
Congrats on the exciting news!

Seriously said...

Way to save the day!!!! I could totally picture you! So cute!!! And a happy ending to boot...awesome!

Whit said...

If only all run aways had an angel in Lulu's to save them. You are a one of a kind - not everyone would have done what you did - nice work!!
PS. Emerson and Lily are too cute. :)

Suze said...

Yay for super alison and saving the sweet doggy!!!! awesome job!!!

LOVED those pictures of Emerson , Lily and Cruzie! ahhh... i have puppy fever!