Time to get real


Happy Tuesday!
Alright so it's time for a little workout post.  A little honesty.
Why? Because I have been going a little soft with my workouts lately.  
Why? Just cause. 
And ya know what...? It's time to change that.
It's not that I haven't been working out, I have. I just haven't been pushing myself as much as I am used to.

So it's time to welcome a someone back into my life.
Enter Shawn T. 
How I have missed you and I am ready for your abs Insanity.

And we'll be seeing a lot more of Zuzana. 

And a lot more of Chalene too.

And a little bum bum too. haha Just for some entertainment!


Ok now for a gross story. Just because I know you'd want to hear it right! Ok good.
So yesterday we had to be out of the house for 2 hours so Cruz and I went for a run down on some great paths by our place. There is a nice moving stream for Cruz to take a break in about half way so it was perfect.
Until we headed back to the car...{note: Cruz did her "business" while we were by the stream so I am carrying the poop bag like a good dog owner}.
Ok so cue us running up the hill, 2 dogs come barreling over the rise (they are off leash, Cruz is not). Picture Cruz going buck wild, tripping me, I fall forward and my hand and body weight lands on the poop bag. Which is full.
I will let you guess what happened.
But I bet you didn't guess that I was wearing a white workout top...that was no longer white.
So what did we do? We made our way back down the hill to the stream where I proceeded to pretty much take dip. Man alive.
Thank goodness I keep baby wipes in my car too.

Ok Happy Tuesday!

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Jessica said...

Oh no!! You poor thing. LOL

Nikki said...

This is the funniest thing I have read/heard all day! TOTALLY laughed out loud when I read this! Thanks for the laugh!

Good luck with getting your hard core workout mojo together again. I know what its like!

Caroline said...

Oh no!!! Hope you're ok. Why do things always happen when you wear white?!

Ashley said...

Oh no!!! Did you see the other dogs owners - that would have made it worse...

I wish I had your stamina, I wouldnt even last 5 minutes in those videos... I guess I should continue my wimpy plan lol!

Leigh said...

Haha I'm not laughing at you, but rather with the situation! Only because I can see myself doing that!

That's almost as bad as when you don't notice the bag has a hole in it, so you put it on your hand to the ol' poop and scoop and your hand is suddenly warm and brown. So gross!

Holly said...

You got me laughing! That is too funny!

Whitney said...

Omg! Bahahahaha. Def not laughing out you but laughing cause something similar has happened to me. Glad you had baby wipes nearby. Sending some love from sunny Florida this week :-)

Logan said...

Its a good thing you are one tough cookie!!! Thanks for the laugh, I knew white and kids didn't go together and now white and dogs!! Oh Cruzie girl, you and Dal right now are a handful!! Oh and baby wipes are so handy, even if you don't have babies. xox miss you guys!!

Mom said...

Just had to LOL!!!! (Yes...and I even know what that means..hahaha)

Kristin said...

omg yuck! that is the advantage of having a small dog, tiny little poops lol

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Oh crap (no pun intended!) That sucks. Glad you were by a stream and had wipes.
Shawn T. is nice and easy on the eyes :) Enjoy your workouts...those are some of my faves too!

krink said...

Yuck Auntie! That is gross!!!! How did the showing go?

Suze said...

Girl bless your heart but How'd the showing go?

Oh and thx for reminder I need to get in the groove of exercising again when foots all better :)


Sarah said...

gosh I really need to start working out...

...side note question: how did you insert your top slideshow header without having to have the title of your blog show? I figured out the slideshow, but had to put it in as html and when I tried to delete my blog title it wouldn't let me, so I typed "welcome to" and now thats my blog title...help please :) thank you!!