Thoughtless Thursday!

Well Hello Thursday!
And today I have a whole lot of nothing to talk about and since a post about a whole lot of nothing wouldn't be very fun - I have a picture post.
You can thank me later. 

And just because she is too cute for little sweet pea Emerson. 
She is coming by for lunch today! yay. 

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Purple Daisies said...

Emerson you are to cute, make sure Aunty gives you hugs for us!!

Check out my blog post today, miss you hugs!!

Fash Boulevard said...

haha. i love these. the first one couldn't be more true. i miss my puppy now. i'm in Alabama visiting my family and he's all the way in LA. sending a mental hug. lol. adore this post. I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty.Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo

Caroline said...

I always hug Knox eventhough he's so tiny. Ha! E is such a cutie pie!

Jessica said...

Love all of these quotes!

krink said...

So good to see you today! Thanks for being there for me!
Love you tons!!!

Adrian said...

I love this post! You always find the BEST inspirational quote pictures! Hope you had a great afternoon with Emerson!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Love your "thoughtless" blog! :)

Whit said...

Awe Emerson is super cute with that head band on!! Love all the quotes - it's such a good reminder to bring everything back into a more positive perspective!! LOL loved the work out margarita quote - too funny!!