Starbucks Dad to the rescue...


YAY for Friday.
And thank goodness for Starbucks Dad. I totally forgot about this Friday perk and he literally made my day ay 8:15am when he dropped off a coffee on my desk. So kind.

This morning I have my second day of Life Skills with a new class of BOYS. That's right all boys this year. And all but one are taller than me. They are such a great group though. I can hardly wait for all the unfiltered, hilarious conversations. We are playing 2 truths and 1 lie and drawing/writing a comic about where we see ourselves in 5 years. Anything to do with comics and video games is huge motivator for them!

Now, since I didn't list my LOVES this week I thought I would do it today so here goes..

I am loving this photo of Uncle Just & Emerson camping.

Tomorrow is Emerson's 1st birthday party! Pretty excited.
And I was lucky enough to see Emerson (and Crystal!) twice this week already. I am just loving all Emerson's new 'tricks'. Meaning smiles, faces, noises, continued obsession with Cruz, snacks, etc. So fun. :)

Loving this quote:

Loving all these unposted photos from our vacation at the lake.
Makes me miss summer days at the lake already.

Jeff, Jols & I doing Insanity in the loft
 Jeff, Jols, me, Just & Cruz
 Cruz wishing she was out paddling...
 Still waiting for her turn...
Justin working on his pride and joy.

I'm loving this book. SO good. I recommend this series for sure!

And lastly I am loving that this weekend is supposed to be filled with beautiful weather.
Perfect for a birthday party on Saturday and a day spent at Edworthy Park with Whit on Sunday!

Happy Weekend all!

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Rachel and John said...

I think you should do a home tour of the cottage! It looks so lovely!

krink said...

I need a Starbucks dad to make home visits!
Can't wait for the party this weekend!
Hopefully it all works out.
See you tomorrow!!!

Elizabeth said...

I would love Starbucks delivered to me at 8:15 am! I think if I could have something like that, maybe I wouldn't be such a grump every morning! Haha!

I do the insanity work outs too! I don't solely follow insanity as I also like to run, lift weights, and do bikram yoga, so I only do insanity like once a week. I do love it though! It is definitely a challenge for me everytime!

Kae* said...

Yay! I love love coffee and I am needing one right now! Raspberry mocha is my favorite.

Great pictures! I miss summer too, school and training consumes my life!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

OMG! You have so much great stuff to be loving, Alison! This post made me really happy! And that quote about dogs is awesome! I hope you have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Love that you got your brother and his gf to do insanity with you! And I love your cover up in the picture with your brother, his gf and Justin. Where is it from?

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I always need a coffee in the morning too ;)
Great photos! I do Insanity sometimes...gosh, it's a killer! Enjoy your weekend.

Carolyn said...

I loved Catching Fire too!! Such a great series!!

Molly said...

great pics! love that you were doing insanity on vacay! you are hardcore!