Monday lessons...


My blog friend Adrian does this "What I learned this weekend" on her Monday posts and I have always loved it so I decided today I would give it a whirl. Plus I didn't take any pictures this weekend! Fail.
What I learned this weekend:

- You can meet some amazing people through blogging. It is incredible how a like Leigh & I are and how a like our husbands are as well. They now hang out more than Leigh and I hang out! This we must change Leigh!
Leigh bought me a great workout top for my birthday. Thank you again! :)
Similar to this:

- It doesn't matter how much you want something, sometimes it is totally and utterly out of your control. And that stinks.

- Housing prices have dropped in our city. Significantly. And that stinks too. BUT we still added this cute little sign to our front lawn on Saturday.

- Good thing I worked so hard on our place last week. Our relator was quick and took all the photos of our place Saturday morning and it was listed by Sunday night. Holy whirlwind.
Now we just need someone to fall in love with our place so we can fall in love with our forever home. Soon. Please. Because it is going to be a royal pain to show our house with Cruzie. We love you Cruz but please stop shedding for just a couple months k? We already have our first showing this afternoon though! :)

- Wine tastes better outside. Justin's long time buddy Aly came over and we sat on the front lawn and enjoyed the fall warmth.
- Limitless was a great movie. Well Justin says so. I fell asleep near the end.

- Cheap jeans are great. I have always loved my 'expensive jeans' the best, Seven for all mankind and Rock and Republic are my ultimate favs but Leigh introduced me to F21's Skinny jeans a couple weeks ago - $12.50 people!
They are my new fall favorite. They are so comfortable and perfect with boots!
I have the black and the dark wash. Amazing.

 (Oh I also learned this girl can wear skinny jeans with this ghetto booty of mine! score. Thank you Leigh!)

Ok I'm off to figure out to teleport Cruz out of the house for this alive this is tricky.
Happy Monday.

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Leigh said...

I agree, we need to hang out more than the husbands do! Somehow they always get to take off for the night biking while we each have plans or take care of the dogs...I don't like this!

Glad you liked the jeans! Can't beat $12.50 for them either! First house showing already?! That's crazy. My fingers are crossed that it sells quickly and you move closer our way :)

Jessica said...

I wish we had an F21 around here!

Ashley said...

Congrats on listing your place!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

I learned about skinny jeans in the summer too, just as I was saying I would never wear them and then I tried them on... they actually work!

When we listed our house, we had to ship the dogs and cats offn (to the farm), and fill our cars with all of thier belongings for every showing and open house - crazy! Thats great you have a showing already!!

I also love the quote and live by it ;) And I would have to admitt, although I have never MET you, I have made some fantastic friends via blogging ;)

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! I love your blog! I like the idea of what I learned this weekend, so fun!! Hope your house sells quickly!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Good luck with selling the house! We did that last year and it was a lot of work with 3 kids! I've been looking for some good new jeans. I'll have to check out For All Mankind...they have a new store in Chinook I think?!

Adrian said...

Thanks for the shout out sweetie! I really liked what you learned this weekend. I'm so grateful for my bloggy friends, you guys keep me entertained and sane! Plus, you all have the most inspiring posts, whether it's photos, recipes, or work outs, I always feel like being a better me after reading your posts :)

Congrats on listing your house! I hope it sells quickly and you find the most perfect forever home! I'm incredibly jealous of home owners, especially those planning on moving up haha

Megan said...

Awwww, I love meeting blog friends!! It really is amazing. I hope y'all find someone to buy your house!!

Holly said...

Congrats on putting your house up for sale. We were in a slumping neighborhood... and ours sold in 6 days! Now we are renting until next spring because we only had time to pack. Good luck!! :)

Kae* said...

I am so glad that your weekend was busy but good! I hope the house showing goes great today! I will be thinking of you! :) Happy Tuesday!

Nicole said...

Ahhhh found the update!! Tell me about it! Showing our condo with our cat was crazing because he sheds so much and there was nowhere to hide him.

Fingers crossed for a quick sell! Any ideas on where you will buy next? Not that I am planning on moving anytime soon but it does suck royally that housing prices have dropped so much in the city. Great if you are a first time buyer... not so great for those of us already owning.