Well I have to tell you.
Justin and I took Cruz for a 'visit' to the vet during our showing last night - and it isn't only me...she was a complete goof ball.
There were no vets present and she shook like crazy, shed a pound of hair, put the brakes on, would not eat the 7 treats the nice ladies were trying to gently coax her onto the scale with. Nada. She wasn't having any of it.
And then she proceeded to pant like crazy for the next hour.
Le sigh.

And I was mistaken in my previous post - she weighs 61lbs. Not 53lb. A little off. Sorry Cruz.

Ok time for some loves for the week over at Jamie's blog!

I "tasted" it to make sure it was ok to use on the wreath. Yum. It will work. 
But what a waste!?

Laurel. What a doll!

He sent me an email yesterday that just made my day. It was full of silly pictures of him all dressed up in touques! Special thanks to his amazing Mama for always making me smile.
Love you guys. So excited to hangout with him - and his parents I guess ;) this weekend.

That this weekend we are going mountain biking with my parents.
And Justin is out in Canmore today riding. Lucky duck. He has a couple days off now after having to work so much the last few weeks.

Emerson. Just look at those piggy tails!
Sunday starting at 3:00pm until bed time she is all MINE! I cannot wait! to spend time with her.

Our brother in-law in Troy invited Justin and I to the Flames game on Thursday night!

And lastly I am SO loving that the couple that came to see our house last night is coming again tonight because they loved it. Fingers crossed they love it enough to WANT it!
So hoping!

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Ashley said...

Thats super exciting news about the house!! Fingers crossed!!

My old shih tzu used to hate the vet too... Good luck getting her over it... I never managed, but try just walking into another vets office and see what she does... Snoopy was fine, it was the actual office he dreaded, probably because of all the smells

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Poor Cruz!

Candy corn again?? You are torturing me!!

Love all the cute pictures of the babies!! I love the owl hat- makes me want to learn how to knit ASAP.

Fingers crossed for a great 2nd showing tonight!! Hope they are the "ones!"

Kae* said...

yummy candy corn!
Love the pics of all the babies!
Aw Cruz poor girl... Dallas is the same way!

Gabriella said...

Cruz and Homie should meet. They could exchange vet/car ride horror stories. Poor babies!
I got those adorable Halloween treats for Homie from Pet Smart. They were all on sale. I love when dog treats are on sale!
Hope the second house viewing goes good tonight! :)

Whit said...

Awe...Easton is super excited to see his Auntie Alison too!! We're sorta pumped to see you guys too ;) Have fun riding and @ the Flames game!!

Amanda said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! And those little kiddos are too cute for words!

krink said...

Here's to hoping they make an offer!!! Good luck guys!

Adrian said...

You have so many adorable babies in your life, I am sure it's giving you the itch something terrible ;) Sorry Cruz is so phobic of the vet, that's not fun.