On to my loves for the week...

I just want to start by thanking all of you for your super sweet comments about our photos yesterday.
I so appreciate it and I know Whitney loves the feedback too, so thank you. Made my day.

I'm loving Dad's (Grandad's) spaghetti sauce!
I had it for dinner last night. Delish Pops. Thank you.
Gotta love those whole mini mushrooms!

I'm VERY excited to be babysitting this little man tomorrow night!
Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on!? I mean really.

Easton has been pestering his Mom to come hang out with his Auntie Alison so finally she set us up a date! :) While his Mom and Dad go out on a birthday date! Yay!

I am loving the hilariousness of this workout I did Monday and yesterday from Brazilian Butt Lift.
It's a great workout but the names crack me up and so does the guy. Oh man Cruz and I laugh!
Monday I did "Bum Bum Rapido" and "Tummy Tuck" and yesterday I did "Bum Bum". Funny.

I'm loving that Mom is out on the island visiting Gran for a couple weeks. I know they will be having a great time together.
I had been preparing Cruz that her "Grandma dates" were cancelled for a couple weeks and then Auntie Cathy surprised us by requesting some Cruz time! What a lucky girl! So today and Friday Cruz is visiting Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy!
Thank you!  

I'm also loving how organized, de-cluttered and clean our house will look and be. Evenutally. I did a ton of work yesterday and also have a list about as long as Santa's to do tonight. Too bad I didn't drink Red Bull or something to give me an extra boost around 8:00pm!
BUT I am putting off and putting off and putting off cleaning our blinds. Worst.job.EVER.

Alright that's it for day! Have a great one!

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Hannah @ The New Black said...

The picture of Cruz and her bear is SO cute! My little pup would have ripped it to shreds rather than cuddle with it...he's a bit of a stinker.

Jessica said...

Ahh! Easton is such a cutie pie. :)

Caroline said...

Cruz is such a cutie. And the butt lift? I think I would be laughing the entire time. Ha! Enjoy babysitting E!

Rachel and John said...

Lucky you getting an Easton date!

I also HATE cleaning my blinds.

krink said...

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days on the blog. I've been reading it though I haven't really had time to respond. Great pics of Emerson's birthday, and your pics with Whit were fantastic as well. I'm super duper jealous that you get an Easton date tonight!!! Hope Dustin and Whit have a great time away though. We will miss you tomorrow Auntie!
Say hi to Cruzie and Easton for us :D

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Have fun babysitting! I've thought about ordering that Brazil Butt Lift...but I'm not sure about it. It seems a little weird, however, my "bum bum" does need a lift ;)

Kristin said...

Cleaning blinds does not sound fun girlfriend