Last trip of the summer...

This past weekend we headed out to Owl's Nest in Cranbrook where our friends Blake and Karen have land where they keep their trailer.
Dustin, Whitney and Easton also joined us so as always it was a fun filled weekend.
I may have taken a few pictures too. And if you are reading this, you will be forced to look at!

Cruz cuddled by the fire.
Justin, Easton and a beer = happy man.
Cuddled up by the fire.
Morning cuddles with Karen.
Cutest sock monkey hat ever! Whit bought it the previous weekend at the lake market.
Stole him!
The guys heading out for 18 holes of golf.

Us girls headed to a lake close by for a walk.
Cruz decided to be a true lab and she dove off the dock over and over!!!!
She loved it and I was SO proud!!! 
Super Cruzie!

Our stick girl.

Loves fetch into the water.

Alison, Whit and Easton

Karen and Izzy

Lunch break with the Chick Magnet.

More jumps!


"See Mom I really am a lab!!"

SO tired on the drive back to the trailer.

When we got back us girls enjoyed the delicious Sangria I made, painted our toes and took turns cuddling the cutest and youngest camper on the trip.
8 weeks!

There was a lot of Kan Jam, Washer and Beersbe to be played.

Cruz and Easton cuddled up by the fire.
Loved all the campfire cuddles.

And the morning smiles!!! Love these next 3 photos Whitney took of us.
His faces are too cute.

Then Dustin and Whit had to head home for a family commitment so the 4 of us headed down to another lake to check out the rope swings. 

This was the step the guys started at and the girls started and ended at. And I may have even taken a step down.

Love this photo.


Cruz concerned.

Me falling gracefully!

Justin and Blake kept moving up the steps until the 5th one.
I was nervous just watching them.

Justin off step 5!

Blake went VERY high from step 5!!!

Izzy chillin'.

Cruz drowning herself trying to pull a tree to shore.

The girls swam out to the raft.
Cruz went BANANAS when we got up. She was SO excited.

Sangria by the lake. mmm kay.

Cuddles with Blake.

Back at the trailer, she found the river!

Cruz enjoyed dragging logs from the river bed.

We had a turkey fry and Beer Butt Chicken BBQ with 25 other people from Owl's Nest.
Then spent the night by the fire and playing washers.

Blake and I - end of the night!

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Logan said...

Love all the pictures!! My favorites: Justin and Easton, Cruz jumping in the water!!! Easton's chick magnet shirt!! Love that one!! You and Easton making faces at each other!! All the pics of you guys jumping into the lake, it looks like the guys are trying to jump in the boat!!!

Kae* said...

I love all the pictures! It looks like such a wonderful time! I am glad you had such a good one!! :)

Jessi said...

Those are great pictures. Cruz looks like she had a lot of fun!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great weekend!!! Love the pictures, especially of Cruz flying off the dock!

krink said...

Oh my gosh what amazing pictures!!! LOVE the ones of little Easton! He's getting so big! And his smiles are just the cutest.
I have to say, those pics of the rope swing look SCARY! Your picture was hilarious... graceful my butt! You look so funny! And Blake must have been like 10 feet in the air when he dropped into the water. Unreal! Looks like a great time though.

Leigh said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! I love the pictures of Cruz jumping off the dock...too cute! That swing scares me...pretty sure I wouldn't let go at the end, ahah