I got sunshine...

 Happy Friday!
Are you as ready for today as me?
1. Justin gets home tonight! He has been in Winnipeg and then Montreal all week.
2.We don't have a heck of a lot planned.

Well I lie, we have a meeting with a potential relator Saturday morning and I would LOVE to get the life skills room at work DONE. This requires help....and another trip to Ikea. Justin you reading? You.Me.Ikea.Oh and a truck.Love You.
But then we are going out for dinner with Leigh and Mr. D. :)
And Sunday? Nada. Ahh...
Nada = lots of work around the house..

Ok so last night Easton and I (and Cruz) had a blast on our date.

 "Auntie I am so excited to be here!"

"You and Mom sure like that camera thing!"
"What are you doing way up there?"

"Oh you want some cheeky smiles? o-kay!"

 "And I will do a dance for you too. Get this on camera! See me boogie!"

Ok Auntie Alison enough! :)
He was SO great though, especially for his first time away from both Mom and Dad.
No crying, lots of smiles, cuddles and ate like a champ.
Thank you Dust & Whit. I sure do adore him.

Now on to a few random tid bits.

I found this and it perfect. So very true.

 I'm drooling. This bathroom is perfection.

Genius! So doing this in our next home!
Justin you like?

For my girl Cruz, so very true.
Sometimes I need to do just this:

all via

Happy weekend everyone.

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Jessica said...

Ah! Easton is too cute. Have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Easton is adorable! I love his buddha belly :)

See you tomorrow! :)

Momma StJ said...

LOVE chubby babyness! I also pinned the PVC curling iron holders- brilliant!

Ashley said...

Realter? Are you moving?!

You should do a tour of your house! and if you are moving you shoulod do one of the potentials!

I'm considering an ikea trip as well!! I wish we had one closer!

Just the Two of US said...

First of all I'm thrilled it's friday! Second... those pics are soo stinking cute! third I'm loving those quotes! Have an amazing weekend!

Rachel and John said...

Have a fantastic weekend1

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, Easton is adorable!! I totally love him! Have a great weekend with the hubs!

Mom said...

Wow...Easton is sure changing. Love the quotes you added to the photos (too funny!) AND I love the other quotes too.


Kae* said...

Yay I am so glad Justin is going to be home. Hope the meeting with the Realtor went well.

A Beautiful Mess said...

He is a cutie pie! I also love that bathroom!!!!

Whit said...

This post is ADORABLE!!! Hahaha.. You kill Me :)