Emerson's 1st Shindig!


We had a fabulous weekend.
On Friday night we did a ton of work around the house then we started watching Bridesmaids...it was pretty horrible. Justin refused to finish watching it and I didn't argue. Not at all what I expected.

Saturday we did more work on the house. I completely organized, cleaned and de-cluttered all the kitchen cupboards, put a bunch of items we hardly use in boxes and it looks amazing. We have a lot of junk stuff we never use. wow.
 Then we had Emerson's Birthday party, more on that below.

Then Sunday we went and hungout with Whit in Edworthy Park on the Douglas Fir Trail and she worked her magic with her camera. Such a fun time. I am dying to show you the photos because they are AH-mazing. But I will wait as I know she has more to show me today! :) But I just need to say how talented she is. Wowzers. And she is turning this talent she has into a business! Soon she will be raking in the big bucks!

Ok twist my arm, here is an out-take that I LOVE!

Then we cleaned our basement, Justin's closet, under the bathroom sink and put more boxes above our garage. Our house now looks like disaster area which causes me stress but it will all be worth it eventually. Right? Please say I am right.

Ok moving on. Justin decided to go for a long bike ride Saturday afternoon and just meet me at Crystal and Troy's for Emerson's party.
Well he crashed. He is ok but very bruished, scraped and sore.
These are his arms, his shoulder and leg are way worse. He does not bruise easily and his leg is black. Poor guy.

Now on to Emerson's Party!
It was bug theme!

The banner I made for her:

Pool party!

Even Cruz was invited! So lucky.
Cruz thought the pool was for her. She tested it out before the guests arrived and thought the picnic blankets were for her to lay her wet self on too. Awesome.

Favor boxes full of Jelly Bellies and loot bags Crystal made. So fun.
I already ate mine!

The table of decorations, treats and beverages I put together.

I made water bottle labels.

Love my punch dispenser. I made a little dirt and worm garden in the base.
 Every party needs candy!
 Another banner.

I made a balloon wreath that I had seen many times on other blogs and I love how it turned out. So fun.

The beautiful Birthday Girl!!!
She was a sleep girl too!

Cruz wishing she was invited into the pool.

As soon as they got out, she helped herself!

Emerson wanted a turn.

 Hey - pay attention to me! It's my birthday!

Justin and Cruz danced!

Crystal made Amazing cupckaes!!!
They were adorable!

She also made this lady bug ice cream cake! So cute. And delicious!

All the guests.

Emerson's turn for a cupcake.
I took one or two pictures tops. :)

I love these two!!!

Justin's cousin's little guy Gabriel enjoying a cupcake!

 Cruz offered to clean up after her!

With Papa and  Mom.

 The {very tired} birthday girl and her FAVORITE Auntie and Uncle.

Seriously guys I am a tired, it's my birthday so put me to bed!

Great Party! Happy Monday!

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David and Elizabeth said...

I love how Cruz waited patiently for her turn in the pool! So cute!

Leigh said...

What time were you guys at Edworthy? I parked on the other side and ran through there on my way back to my car :)

Looks like Emerson's birthday turned out really well! Haha Cruz is such a cutie :)

Oh no, is Justin okay? I am used to the scrapes as Brian always comes home with them!

Jessica said...

It looks like Emerson had a great turnout for her party!

Rachel and John said...

It will be worth it in the end!!

You should be a party planner. Your parties are always so amazing!!

Logan said...

Oh Justin, hope your not too sore!!!

Emerson way to go with the cupcakes!!! Love those pics!!!

Whitney is amazing with a camera, maybe one day she can give me a few pointers!!! Would love it!

Caroline said...

Your hair looks awesome. Such a cute party for E. You did a great job on everything. Hope J is feeling better!

Gabriella said...

That picture of you, Justin, and Cruz is amazing. So precious! Hope Justin is OK!!
That 1st birthday party look s adorable! :)

Kae* said...

I went to Bridesmaids on my birthday. I thought it was awful too! Glad I was not the only one! Omg I love the pictures of Emerson's birthday! I am glad Cruz had a great time too! I also hope the stress of packing goes away!

Bride-onicles said...

What a cute blog post and so many cute details for her B-day. I love how Cruz was invited and was also very into the pool party!! :)

Whit said...

Great pics!! Looks like a super fun first birthday for Emerson!!