Cruz wins!


For being the biggest chicken sh!t at the vet.
For the love dog. Cruz had her annual check up yesterday.
If you ask her: torture.
She barked loudly 6 times at the vet when he walked into our room, proceeded to hide under the chair I was sitting on, would not look at or take any treats from him, shed about 10lbs of hair and was pretty much a nightmare. And there is me swearing she is a great dog.
So being the patient vet that he is, he decided to take her into the back to do the check up as he thinks perhaps that Cruz is protecting me...who knows.
I think she just wanted some alone time with the handsome vet! :)
But when he tried to bring her into the back she put her brakes on and would not budge, so I walked her back there and then snuck out. What a stinker.

{Anyways, she is up a pound! 61lbs now. And is in perfect health otherwise. And we now have a standing date at the vet every 2 weeks to try and ease her anxiety about being there.}

Now onto some loves since clearly I did not love that experience at the vet!

 I'm loving that we have had 2 showing of our place so far. Last night we went for a picnic dinner while we were kicked out and then spied on the people checking our place out! ha.

I'm loving Insanity's Max Interval Sport Training. It's probably one of my favorites, even though it's almost an hour of hell.

I'm loving that Whit sends me weekly updated photos of Easton. Even if I see him that week it's such a nice surprise in my inbox. Thanks Whit.

I'm loving all my blogger friends. I am so glad some of you live close by but there are so many of you that I wish did not live so far away!

And I will leave you with this. Happy Wednesday.

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Ashley said...

Poor Cruz!!

Our dogs LOVE the vet!!! The cats - not so much lol

Mom said...

Cruzie,Cruzie....for those of us who know you SO well, it is hard to picture you acting like that. Did you tell the vet the poop story AJ? hahaha

Gabriella said...

Poor Cruz! Homie does the same thing, but add some shaking to that mix. I'm glad she is in perfect health! Easton is adorable!!! :)

Leigh said...

Aw poor Cruz! I wonder why she reacts like that...but then again, I wouldn't like the vet either. Harley is up to ~65lbs now!!

Cute picture of Easton!

Caroline said...

Poor Cruz! She knows its torture.

Jessica said...

Awww, poor Cruz!!

Suze said...

Poor Cruz! I am same way. Hate. Going to the dr. Lol.

E is adorable!

I wish I lived closer friend!

Ps did the people looking at the house meet yalls approval? LOL :)

Kae* said...

Aw poor Cruz!!! Sounds just like Dallas!

Aw cute picture of Easton! I wished I lived closer! that would be fun!

How is the house hunt going? Anyone interested in yours yet?

Whitney said...

aww poor poor poor lil cruz...arent doggies the cutest and funniest.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

My kids act the same way at the vet...I mean doctor ;)

I love the Max Interval Sports Training one favorite!

Rachel and John said...

Rudy loves the vet! He gets so excited in the exam room and always tries to get into the back. Crazy dog.

Nicole said...

OMG your house is up for sale?? I am so behind... must catch up ASAP!!! Hope it sells quickly!