Can I do it?

So I have a challenge for myself for the month of October.
(starting tomorrow!)


[Justin just fell off the couch]

Yes 31 days.
I have been inspired by AllisonKate.

I am not going to shop for the month of October. Period.

Yes I can buy groceries to feed our tummies and shoes necessities obviously.
But no clothes, no cute shoes or boots I MUST have, no accessories, no books, no workout gear or dvds, no magazines, no cute stuff for Emerson, Easton, Avah, Mayela or Dal just cause, no new make-up, no new products, no craft stuff....nada.

[My one exception is pumpkins. I am buying real pumpkins. No they are not a necessity per say but I they make Halloween complete and make my door step look good!]

There. I can do this. Because really I don't NEED anything.
I even pre-bought October birthday gifts so I don't have to cheat or be tempted!

{Don't get me wrong I am not a huge shopper but I love a great deal, or something new and pretty here and there. I don't often GO shopping, it is normally when I am out and about and see something here or there and pick it up just cause. But none of that.}

 Anyone care to join me?

Alright off I go to shop, I have 24 hours!. :) Just kidding!! Or am I? ha

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Holly said...

I need to get on this wagon with you!!

Jessica said...

Eeek! It's my birthday month, I can't do it!! Hahaha

Amanda said...

GOOD LUCK! I tried to do No Shop September, but that failed after a great deal appeared on a gorgeous Ralph Lauren navy blazer, flats and running shorts. Oops?

Purple Daisies said...

1. Its a darn good thing I did my little shopping spree on Tuesday!
2. I'll join you but I have to add costumes with the pumpkins for my kids!
3. Does it count if I send you the money to get something for the kids!! hahaalol ok I'll wait for the month of October!:)

Ok, I'll try it, my husband will be so proud at the end of the month!!

Leigh said...

I can't do October because I know we are stopping at the lululemon outlet on our way to Victoria...and I can't say no to that! :) Good luck with it :)

Molly said...

I totally need to do this, although I'm not sure I can. AHHH! You've really made me want to try though, so I'll say, MAYBE I'll join you ;) I'll keep you posted this weekend, ha!

Allison said...

You go girl! You can totally do it! I'm here for moral support, and I promise, it gets easier after the first week and a half. Just stick with it!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh man that would probably be easy but hard.. I would do it and really should since I owe the DMV my registration and then a u turn ticket..

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Good for you!! You can totally do it!! I would join you except that we need to start working on the nursery and I don't want to push it back. I am being pretty strict about when I buy though. I just don't need anything really.

Except my belly lotion stick- Body Shop has a sale so I am stocking up! That's a necessity though!

Amanda @ Maggiano Takes Austin said...

that sounds like an amazing idea girl! unfortunately im going out of town in oct and it's going to be impossible not to spend money haha! i totally support you!! thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog! xoxo new follower! i love your design of ur blog too!!

Al said...

Oh darlin - I wish you the absolute best, but sorry to say it only makes one of us ;) I haven't been shopping at all in Istanbul (completely NUTS, right?) but I am feeling the need for some cute fall boots to traverse this city with in style...I am both proud of you and infinitely sorry for the withdrawl that might descend upon you :) Much love, doll!

Whit said...

Good on ya girly!! I'm totally with ya!!

Kristin said...

wow you go girl. October is my favorite month so I gotta shop for stuff here and there :)

Sandra said...

Well good luck to you. This would be a piece of cake challenge for me since I'm always broke.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I should jump on the "no shopping" wagon, but I just can't! Good luck :)

Suze said...

good luck girlie, you are so good!!!!!