A birthday wish!


Happy Birthday to my favorite American!
Senorita Jolie!

Although I do wish you were Canadian so you didn't live so flippin' far away!
We still love and adore you all the same.
I hope you have a terrific day and your students treat you extra special.

I wish Jeff was there with you - to poke you, tickle you, love on you, tease you and annoy you like he does best! And celebrate this special day of course.

Promise me your night won't be full of only teacher related work!

You are an incredible girl Jols. We are so lucky to have you apart of our family.
We miss you and can't wait to see you.

Some other good news: Ripken got a clean bill of health from the Vet.
16 years old and still going strong!
I think all of Cruz's kisses are helping!

Happy Thursday!

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Suze said...

Awe what a sweet post :) happy birthday Jolie!

A- you rock those cowgirl boots like your from the south , love it. You seriously could pass for a southerner just sayin ;)

Leigh said...

Happy birthday Jolie!

I can't believe Ripken is 16! That's crazy!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, Jolie! And yay for Ripken!

Logan said...

Happy Birthday Jolie!!!

Ripken, Yeah!!! Avah says its your birthday everyday, so maybe with Avah saying its your birthday, you will be getting younger!!! xx

Whitney said...

i cant believe your fur baby is 16!! this makes my heart smile. and btw...you are too stinkin cute!! :-)