31 years of greatness!


Happy 31st Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
Hope you have a fabulous day together and I am looking forward to your many retired years together to do all the adventures you dream of (I am certain you  both are too!).

WE love you tons.
I hope Cruz gave you both extra kisses this morning. Thank you again for having her.

Also when I stopped at Walmart before work I found these:

to make this:

Last year Leigh made one and I loved it and then searched high and low for candy corn and I was too late. And than I was sad.
Well not this year people!!
So this is my next project and I figure once it is made and up - people will be begging to buy our house. Pretty sure. :)

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Jessica said...

Aww, happy anniversary to your parents!

Janell said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! 31 years is quite an achievement anymore these days.. That candy corn wreath is so stinkin cute! Thanks for great the halloween decor idea. Your blog is so cute, too. Just stumbled upon it.. loving all of the pictures of you and your hubs everywhere. So cute!

Ashley said...

awww yaya!! Happy anniversary to your parents =) it is so wonderful to hear about people staying together through thick and thin for many many years =)
it bums me out when stores stop selling candy corn because I know I have to wait 10 months before it comes out again haha!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary to your rents!

I would end up eatting the candy... love that stuff!

Elizabeth said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! That halloween wreath is too cute!

MrsV said...

Happy Anniversary to them! That is amazing, and wonderful! Cheers to many more =)

I want to see how that wreath turns out girl!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Hannah @ The New Black said...

Your Mom reminds me of Kirsten Dunst in that picture! Cute wreath...I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Logan said...

Happy Anniversary Uncle Rick and Aunty Jayne!!! Hugs to both!!!

I saw those candies the other day and thought of you and that I should tell you, well it is a good thing your one step ahead of me!!!lol

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Whhhyyyy did you have to post about candy corn? I need to go to the store and buy a big bag now!! And not to make that super cool wreath, but to eat!!

Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary Rick & Jayne!!

Kae* said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! how awesome!

krink said...

Happy Anniversary Rick and Jayne! You two are amazing! We hope the next 31 years are just as good as the last!
Crystal, Troy & Emerson

Leigh said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! :) Hope the wreath turns out

Stephanie said...

Happy anniversary to your parents!!!! They are too cute for words!! Mine just celebrated 35 and I just hope I can be like them!!

AND I love me some candy corn!!! Happy Tuesday!! Xoxo

Mrs. Mama said...

31 years is absolutely amazing! happy anniversary to them!