Time for some randomness...


Happy Thursday!
Sorry about the late post. 
I spent the day down south hanging out with Whit and Easton. 
The dogs had a good play and then we went for a nice walk. 
As always it was the perfect way to spend the day. Much needed talks were had.
 And a few much needed cuddles too. Thank you you two.

Cruz wanted you all to see her poor nose. It is getting better.

Last night I had dinner with my high school girls.
We went to Cilantro. Such a nice place and so delish. A must try if you live around my neck of the woods. As always we were missing one of us but the 7 of us had a great visit.
After dinner we always do a 'round table' as we call it, where we each take a turn filling everyone in on what's going on and any new gossip we have heard about high school people. Always super fun and many laughs are had.

Yesterday while shopping for work I stopped in at Winners as I will need a dress in February for Rachel's wedding in Mexico. What a great time to shop - so many sales. I had 4 dresses in my arms and decided I didn't really need 4 dress or maybe it was more like Justin wouldn't think I would need 4 dresses so I got these 2:
(I realize now I shouldn't have taken the photos on this comforter - duh, but anyways they look nicer in real life)

This one was $14 - for when Justin takes me on a hot date! ha
It's black and white, 1 shoulder with a ruffle down the side.

This one was $13 - for Mexico.
 Also has a ruffle down the side.

It's Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. 
Which means guilt free blizzards as all the proceeds go to the kids! :)
Marshmallow sundae Whit? :)

 I will make this shirt for my brother's future children. I said FUTURE! :)

Loving this quote:

That's all for today folks! :) Have a fabulous night and go eat a Blizzard! 

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Mom said...

LOVE the dresses:) The one for Mexico is PERFECT. Can't wait to see it on you.
What's with the amp,amp,amp?

Leigh said...

Now I want to go to Winners to check out the dresses! Darn you! :)

Logan said...

We had blizzards today too!! Yummy!! Dal had an Ice cream cone and loved every second till I the meany took it away!! DQ needs to invest in the mini cones!! Kisses to Cruz, hope your nose gets better soon!!

krink said...

Already had my blizzard today! Mmmmmm.... Skore!!! Emerson and I had a great walk and talk with Whit and Easton yesterday too! They are both sooooo adorable!
Can't wait for camping this weekend!
Whoot whoot!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The colors of that dress are to-die for!! I need it :)

Jessica said...

Such cute dresses!

Kae* said...

those dresses are adorable! they will look great on you! So glad you had a great day and the Cruz's nose is getting better!