Hello Wednesday!! I am so glad you are here. Time to share our loves with Jamie.
 This week I am sharing my love for things that "one day I will..."

One day I will have this up for my children's art work. LOVE this idea. And so easy, quote and all.

One day I will have this in my mud room.
I LOVE calendars and even Justin has just discovered them and now shares my obsession.
This is perfect. Adore the chalk boards too. And a cubby for each person in the family! Organization - check.

I already have a huge children's book collection. And I think this is a brillant way to display them.
A child's library. One day.. my Dad and Justin will build this for me... :)

I saw something similar to this on the Nate show this summer. I have had my eyes peeled for a ladder like this to redo. Would be so fun with towels in the spare day?

This is just too fun. Heck I'd have it in my room!
Or a kids room - one day!

Very neat stairway detail. I'm liking it.

 Loving this BIG bright kitchen.
One day? Maybe not.

Love this look with the photos. Above the bed one day perhaps?

I would love to have a mirror like this. They are just so classy and fun. 
I am also loving the dark grey color in here too. One day Justin will let there be more than 1 color of paint in our house too. :)

Happy Wednesday all. 
I heard a rumor that the students are already coming back tomorrow.. could this be? 
Let's hope it's just a rumor.
Just kidding I am pretty darn excited to see most of them! :)

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Logan said...

Have with all your students tomorrow!!

the stairs pictures, would totally work in your house!!

Paula said...

Love the A to Z wall! Very cute!

Tickled Pink said...

Love all of the ideas!! totally going to steal some!

Kae* said...

Oh I love the art one! I saw that on pinterest, I think I even repinned it! I hope work goes good tomorrow :)

Leigh said...

Love all the pictures! Especially the one with all of the different letters...perfect for a kids room.

ps- I think you should bribe Justin for different paint colours with promises of new bike things :)

Natalie said...

ok i love all of this!! that is an adorable idea for kid's art work and i LOVE the organized cubbys and very visible calendar!! And the A-Z wall is too cute as well. Well I just love it have great taste :)

Julie said...

That kitchen is gorgeous and is seriously my dream kitchen! I love all of the white! Swoon!

Jessica said...

Love the chalkboards with the days of the week! Smart!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

So many great ideas!! Where do you look for nursery inspiration? I am having a hard time finding ideas. I wish I wasn't so afraid of change- there are so many cool ideas out there!
Hope your first day back to school is lots of fun!

Mom said...

You need a job decorating show homes!!!How fun would THAT be?!!