Jeepers I am glad my work day is over. We spend the day moving one classroom to another, moving 1000's (approx!) of archieved files to another storage room, moved all the kitchen items to a new room and all the life skills items I purchased to the old kitchen. Phew. I may need a nap. Good news is, it will look great when it is all done. Unfortunately that will be after A LOT more work. 

Alrighty, time to list my loves!

First of all -the lucky winner of the Happy Pretty magnet clips is lucky #5 (chosen at the beautiful bride from The Bride-onicle of a Soon to be Bride.

Thanks Jessica for hosting!

Loving this. Remind yourself of this when you are having a rough day.

I am loving this photo Jolie shared with me.
Mi Familia! 
Regatta Dance is always fun times!

I saw this and thought of my Mom.
A couple years ago she wasn't too familiar with "lol".
She thought it was a nickname Jeff's friends called him. :)
Love you Mom!

I loved the book The Hunger Games.

Never would have chosen it myself but I could not stop reading it. And now I want to run out for book #2. Anyone read it?

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Bride-onicles said...

Yay so excited that I won!! What a fun giveaway!!! And LOL to the Iphone LOL. I litereally LOL'd..:)

Holly said...

You have no idea how long I sat here and laughed over the LOL. Whew! I needed that-- too funny!!!

Gabriella said...

Oh you mom is too cute! I had to explain to my mom what the "fist pump" was the other day! Gotta love em! :)

Jenny Hill said...

Hey Alison,
I read the Hunger Games and LOVED, LOVED it! I have read both Catching Fire and Mocking Jay - I actually own them too - so if you want to borrow - you are more than welcome.

You are free to come and borrow from my home libray anytime if you want - but I do read a lot of library books too.

Nicole said...

LOL that is funny!!

I read all the Hunger Games books and loved them!!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I had to "LOL" at this post because a few years ago, I thought LOL meant lots of love too ;)

I'm currently reading the 3rd book of Hunger's just as good as the second and the third!