Happy Wednesday!

I'm loving that tomorrow morning Justin and I are leaving for Edmonton for the Taylor Swift concert!!!
First stop: West Edmonton Mall for a little shopping {Justin's idea, not mine - truly!}
Second stop: Steve and Lindsey's for dinner!
Third stop: T-Swift concert - whoop hoop!

Then we are sleeping over at Steve and Lindsey's and then heading out to the lake Friday morning.
I AM SO EXCITED! Already have my outfit picked out {i think} .. just in case she picks me for her after concert tea party! Ok maybe that was the last tour, anyways.

I'm loving that I have a little giveaway lined up for you all tomorrow...

I'm loving that I learned this IS availible in Calgary. High five Liquor Depot.

I'm loving these Plackers Jeff introduced me too. I think my dentist may love them too. Makes flossing SO easy. Found them at Walmart - 75 for $3.00!
I flossed today - did you?

And lastly I am loving these two love birds!
Hope you are enjoying your time in NY.

 Jolie and Brother

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Amber said...

The "plackers" floss is the best. I refuse to use the string floss anymore.

Natalie said...

I use that kind of floss too. I NEVER flossed with regular floss before I discovered those :)

Kae* said...

Wow sounds like a wonderful weekend! Lake and Taylor swift! whoop! and I am going to have to pick up some plackers for sure!! :D Have fun love!

Leigh said...

Hope you have so much fun at the concert and at the lake!

krink said...

Have fun tonight!!!

Kristin said...

Have a blast!!

Ashley Slater said...

I hate to tell you this, but did you know that whole foods just pulled skinny girl because the company lied about the ingredients? and they don't list the right amount of sugar, etc?!? I know, bummer!!!

also, I am hosting a giveaway for ashley from the shine project on my blog today of a cute custom necklace, you should check it out and enter! The Shine Project Giveaway

xo, ashley