I heart Taylor.

Road Trip!

Well I am sad that Taylor has come and gone. I looked forward to her concert for SO long!

But I was not dissapointed one bit. It was an INCREDIBLE concert from start to finish.
She is amazing.
{photos didn't turn out great but anyways!}
She played for almost 2.5 hours, had crazy set changes, ballerinas everywhere, cirque acrobats, tap dancers, 7+ outfit changes, played all sorts of instruments, sang a cover of Caroline Dawn Johnson's Complicated and was just overall amazing.

She even played my favorite song Last Kiss!! She must have heard me on the way up to Edmonton (YES I made Justin listen to her all the way from Calgary to Edmonton, yes siree I did) I said I bet she wouldn't play it as it's slow and not too concerty! I was SO happy! 
This is the song, no video for it yet.
<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gFM1aHHUXJo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

During Dear John there was a fire works show when she says "I'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town...". AWEsome.

We had a cutie in front of us, wearing the sweetest princess outfit, had her hair in 'Taylor curls' and had a sign that said "It's my 3rd birthday and I would be enchanted to meet you!". She stood up and danced the entire time!

Too dark.
Justin finds me amusing!
I also knew I was at a concert surrounded my younger girls when I heard girls talking in the bathroom and saying "I can't believe I cried 3 times at this concert, I only cried once at Justin Beiber!". Oh man
Then I cried when it was over, I mean, we wrapped up the night with a Hot'n'Ready pizza, crazy bread and a Big Brother episode with Steve and Lindsey.

{Thursday during the day we walked around West Edmonton Mall. Huge. Came out with 2 workout tops from Victoria's Secret. Love them.}

We headed out to the lake on Friday and the weather all weekend was insane amazing. It was SO hard to leave.
Weekend fun included: Mom and Dad had friends out, they are lots of fun, we had 2 bonfires, went kayaking, got feathers put in my hair, we had mimosas for breakfast 2 mornings in a row, went for a boat float, went to the market, stopped by a lake party, Justin went for a bike ride, read almost my entire book (can't put it down!), Justin successfully bled his brake...

ah....but I did not take any pictures after the concert. Why? Because I may have sorta, just a little bit broke part of the camera off. Yes off. But it's ok I think Justin fixed it. Yay Justin.

Cruz stayed out at the lake with Mom and Dad as they have this week off. Lucky Ducks. It is very wierd around the house without Cruzie. Thanks again Mom and Dad.

High fives to Crystal and Troy for finishing their half marathon yesterday!
It was Troy's first and Crystal's 2nd and let me tell you, it was HOT out there!
Good work you two.

And lastly sending my cousin Ben some love today. He had a bit of a run in with some non-lake jerks after the lake party Saturday night. Poor guy has to have surgery today to get his jaw all put back together. 

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Elizabeth said...

Oh what fun! I love Taylor and would love to see her in concert. I have heard that she puts on amazing shows! Glad you had fun!

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun at the concert! And you had a perfect weekend weather wise for the lake...so jealous and wish we would have been able to come :(

I think there is talk of the boys going biking this week...if so, are you free?

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Looks like a fun concert! I haven't been to West Ed in so long. However, I'm glad Victoria Secret is now here in Calgary :)

Nikki said...

I LOVE how Justin went to a Taylor concert with you! I took Scotty to a Britney concert with me. Our boys love us! LOL!

I went to a Taylor concert last year and LOVED every minute of it and I remember sayin to my mom that there were a lot A LOT of young girls and I remember feeling OLD there too!

Ashley Slater said...

Your concert looks so fun! You talking about the young girls crying made me laugh! But for real, I would totally go to a justin bieber concert! just sayin!

glad you had a blast!



Gabriella said...

Concert looks like a blast! She is pretty awesome!. I always think it is so weird when Homie is not home with us. Things are too quiet!

Holly said...

I saw her last week in St. Louis! My favorite song is also the Last Kiss... but my favorite performance was Dear John. I just loved the fireworks. Ain't no shame in loving Taylor!!

Just the Two of US said...

OMG jealous! Look like you had tons of fun!

Ashley said...

Love your necklace in the first picture lol ;)

Soo glad you had a great time at the concert!!!

I hate it when the dogs are away... the house gets too quiet!!

Julie said...

I love how much you love Taylor! haha She is adorable and I annoy my husband to no end by making him listen to her all the time!