I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand ...Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand ...

As promised... The Lake vacation.

*** Disclaimer: Photo overload. Sorry...***
Our vacation started off with Regatta weekend. AKA one of the best weekends of the year - hands down.
  And this year it was even better because Logan and the kids were there to keep us busy! And Jolie was here as well.

Dal LOVES Uncle Justin.
Saturday morning.
At the races.

Dal won 1st in the baby crawl!

Avah & Mayela in the sack races.

Jeff won the sack race!
Nail hammering contest. Did not win.
Relay team.

Boat time. Also meant nap time for Dal!
 A little cold?
 Cruz being a chicken. Mayela swimming with Dad.
Swim time.
Avah & I.
Parade time!!
Mom & Dad's group. Black Swan Boots.
Every year they do a dance with a group wearing rubber boots.
They were INCREDIBLE this year. Won 1st overall, as usual!
The skirt is pink bubble wrap! Genius! Justin and I are totally wearing these for Halloween!
 Nice Dad!!!
 Other entries!

Then we went to the adult dance. Fun times and even Logan joined us!
Cruz babysat the 3 kids. Well we did have Carley and Taylor babysitting but Cruz wouldn't let them get off the couch. She is SO protective of family kids. wow.
After the dance we went to a bonfire where a friend of ours Marty played the guitar and Jolie sang. She is fantabulous. Could have sat and listened to her all night.

BUT we had to get up early to judge the sand castle competition!
Mayela got 2nd in her age group!

Then we had the Kan Jam tournament.
Jolie and I did great.
Jeff & Justin came in 2nd. 1st year in 3 years they haven't won. Just sayin'!

We loved Grampa & Chris's quick visit.
Grampa with Riley and Bentley.
 The girls loved Uncle Jeff.
 Loved Cruz, second to Uncle Justin.
Love those 2 bottom teeth.
 Dal was obsessed with the stairs! :) Doing his bear walk.
 Mayela fell asleep on Uncle Jeff.
Volleyball Tourney. Made it to the Semi's this year!
The Spectators
ICE CREAM! I foung these mini ice cream cones and Dal was showing us how to really eat an ice cream. 
Love him.
Wake Surfing
Playing catch - show off!
Pretty Jolie
We have 4 Kayaks now! 
Mom and Dad bought 2 and then Grampa brought us his and the one he made.
So fun and a great workout.
We went biking too.
Justin on the trail.
Saturday night it poured for a few hours and then we had the most amazing rainbow.
It was the biggest double rainbow I have ever seen!

That's a lot of pictures - and it doesn't even include all the ones Logan sent me and all of the ones I still need from Jolie. Whoa.
Overall we had a great time at the lake, as always. The company and weather definitely helped. I wish I was there right now.
Have a great Wednesday.

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Bride-onicles said...

Wow what an awesome trip! I was cracking up of the pics of your parents in the pink bubble skirts and rubber boots! Esp the one of your dad doing the curtsy!

Logan said...

I LOVE THE TITLE!!!! Just sayin.......
We would like to thank you and your family for having us!! Mayela asks about uncle Rick, and uncle Jeff is her favorite she says!! Shhh....that should be a secret!!!:) Dal misses Uncle Justin and going up all the stairs, so not fun here, I have gates at all the stairs!! Avah wants Aunty Alison now, and too see Cruz!! Cruz I need some help here, these kids are so quick, I need an extra 4 paws! tell your mom and dad you want to come hang out!!!:)

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Leigh said...

Looks like a beyond fabulous weekend! Your parent's crack me up :)

Sarah said...

haha you weren't kidding when you said 'overload of pictures!' love them all! especially the ballet outfits! looks like you guys had fun :)


krink said...

My favorite has to be the ones of Dal and his ice cream cone! That boy obviously is in the right family!!!
Overall looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Amy Rene said...

that all looks like so much fun! lots of pictures :)

Kae* said...

Great title! Love love the pictures! It looks like such a beautiful time and so much fun! I love the rainbow! Love lake time its the best!