Blog on Fire!


Amber over at Living in the Moment nominated me for this award!
 Thanks Amber! 

Amber has a super cute blog and is going to be a stunning bride very soon!
You have to read this blog post of hers, it's TOO funny. They actually used a cheese grater and a hand mixer on her feet during a pedicure. She took photos. Oh man!

Okay so I am supposed to tell you 7 things about MOI. Sorta tricky as I feel I am always telling you about yours truly but I will tell you some randoms. Cause I am super good at randoms. :)

1. Lately I have been sleeping with one of those sleeping mask things. Justin makes serious fun of me but it is so light out at bed time and I have been having a hard time sleeping. Besides it's a good look right! Ohh yay!

2.One of Justin and my first dates was taking one of my little buddies with autism to the Wiggles concert. Justin rocked out. I sorta loved it.

3. I love claw foot tubs and chandeliers.
This bathroom is like a dream. I'm drooling over here.

3. Our VERY first date was to The Keg. And everytime we go we get the exact same thing as that first night. Him: Baseball Steak. Her: Shrimp Skewers - swap rice for garlic mashed. mmmm

4. I have 2 toothbrush holders in the garden. hahahha They are mushrooms that match the color of the front door and they are SO cute. I didn't realize that's what they were until I got them home. [Justin is helping me with this list and he reminded me of this!] If I wasn't so lazy I would go take a picture.

5. Again this is coming from Justin. I would prefer to iron on the floor than the ironing board. So what.

6 I am Justin's hairdresser. I was SO nervous cutting it before our wedding.
I think almost every second time I cut it he whines that I am too slow so I say I will never do it again. And then always do. He is not a very good tipper either.

7. I like this photo/quote. 
Because there is always room to improve and make those dreams come true.

Now you should ALL play along because that would be really fun and make me really happy. So do it. mmmkay. That's all for tonight. 

PS. BIG thanks to my Mom for all your help tonight and for taking Cruzie. xo

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Leigh said...

Haha I just read that post of hers and that is hilarious! I have never seen that before. You are brave for cutting Justin's hair....there is no way I would touch Brian's!

ps- did you put your house on the market?

Café Moka said...

I also love The KEG! There is one in Montréal and the meals are so good!

Bon Bon said...

You guys are cute:-) I'd be nervous to cut my husband's hair too, even though it's the easiest haircut ever (buzz) and it would grow back...I just know somehow I'd mess it up! xoxo

Kae* said...

Hehe! I love this post! and your blog is on fire!!! I will post some random things on my blog today just for you! ps I love claw foot bathtubs!

Nicole said...

I LOVE chandeliers!!! That bathroom looks so calming!

Carolina said...

that bathroom looks amazing!!many blessings!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting an amazing limited edition giclee print giveaway by the very talented, Lark Calderon Gomez!