::: 1 Year :::

Today my sweet niece Emerson turns 1.
Where has the time gone?

 Our first meeting.

Dear Emerson -
It seems like only yesterday that we met you for the first time and loved you from the minute your sweet face graced our computer screen.
I remember being over the top excited to get that text from your Papa that said "healthy baby girl!". And I left a ridiculous message on your answering machine to welcome you all home and rambled on and on about how thrilled I was that you were finally HERE (and that I could shop for pink things!!)

You have changed so much in this short year. We adore your old man voice and your silly nature. The way you crawl everywhere now and pop up to stand with a little support. I love how you 'flirt' with your Uncle Justin and mimic the faces he makes.
Melts my heart.
The truth is you are growing up and there is nothing that we can do about it.
We are just beginning to see your true colors, your likes and dislikes, your sassy faces and your strong personality.
We adore to see you with your cousin Cruz.
We love how you fixate on her, reach out for her and do your squinty face when she is going in for the kiss.
We think it's pretty special how she protects you and pretty much thinks you belong to her.
We cannot wait for you to start walking so you really can get into trouble together.
You are the bestest buds.

Well - Happy Birthday little miss. We love you to bits.
You have made this past year one of the best.You are my little sweet pea.
We love our time with you and you always make us smile, laugh and shake our heads with your cuteness.

We cannot wait to see what you have to show us in the coming year.
We are so excited to see you grow up, but not too quickly ya hear!
I am glad that we have the memories of this year to look back on and remember the sweet little bundle that made us an Aunt and Uncle. 

First LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH shoot with Auntie.
Second LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH shoot with Auntie.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!

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Logan said...

Happy Birthday Emerson!!!

Simply Smith said...

ooooohhhh, how sweet!!! Isn't it crazy how time flies?! My little guy just turned one on Saturday!!! SO crazy!!! Well, she's an adorable little gal!!! Enjoy her! :)


Leigh said...

Aw so cute! Happy birthday to Emerson!

Ashley Slater said...

nieces are the best. and miss em is so cute! happy first birthday to her!


Tiffany said...

She is SO precious!! Happy 1st birthday to that sweet one!

krink said...

Oh my goodness!!! Where has the last year gone? I cried a bit reading that post Auntie Alison! And funny enough... I still have your silly message saved on my answering machine from when you found out about Emerson! It's my favorite, hence why I refuse to delete it :D
Thank you for everything you've done over the past year, and thank you Uncle Justin too! And we cannot forget our favorite niece Cruz! She is officially Emerson's favorite Cousin!
We love you guys tons and we are so thankful that you have allowed Emerson into your lives and have loved her with all of your hearts!

Jessica said...

Awww! Happy birthday Emerson!

Nicole said...

Happy 1st Birthday Emerson!! What an adorable little girl!

You are the proudest auntie!! She is so lucky!!

I wish they didn't grow up so quickly!

(Yup your blog is one the of the ones Blogger won't let me properly comment on!)

Kae* said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Emerson!

I love the live laugh love photos!

So glad to be back reading my favorite blog from my blog buddy! :)

ps you are a wonderful aunt

Bride-onicles said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little baby!! Hope you have a fab weekend!