Thursday Randoms

Hello! I just have to say - summer is going by WAY too quickly. Someone please hit the pause or slow-mo button for me.
Well today I would say I have been pretty productive so far - even after an early morning decision to sleep in a little!
Cruzie and I went for a run before hit got too hot and then I put my "work" clothes on.
And I went to "work". 
Meaning sanding the walls where we have been filling dents and marks and I re-painted the pillar out front.
I quite possible looked close to this when done. Maybe not quite as happy though.
Justin specifically said - do not get paint all over the steps. 
So I decided to get it all over myself instead. (and 3 tiny marks on the steps)
Thank goodness Justin wasn't home to witness it! but it looks much better.
And then I cleaned the house and now I am off to grocery shop for our holidays.
I had the BEST day yesterday with Whitney & Easton. 
He is just such a cuddler and amazing little man. Whit is already an incredible Mom and such a one of a kind friend.
I took zero pictures. Say what? 
She took one of Easton and I but I don't have it yet so I will share this one that Whit took. Adorable. I cannot wait for our next date!

 I love this photo I can't wait to share it.
From our little photo shoot on Sunday. 
More to come.
 Cousin time.
Alrighty! Happy Thursday!

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Jessica said...

Such little cuties!

Amanda said...

You were so productive :)

Cami said...

what a great post :) too cute!!

happy thursday!!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Precious little ones!

krink said...

OH MY GOSH! What cute pics! They are priceless!!! You will have to give me copies! Is she topless in these pics??? She looks so squishy!!! Xoxo