The start of Seba summer...

Well we had an amazing 4 day weekend.
The weather was amazing with the exception of Sunday but we took Monday off so it was well worth it.
I completed the 10,000 Swing Challenge on Thursday and actually did a total of 10,500 swings. And now... Mom is doing it! Go Mom!

For the month of June my Mom did a 200+ Ab challenge, she started with 200 and added 5 each day!
So...for the rest of July I am going to do a push-up challenge (because I loath push-ups). So I am going to start with 50 (remember I loath them) and add 5 each day for the rest of July. 
Perhaps by August 1 push-ups and I will be friends. Doubt it. :)  

Anyways - now onto the photos! I didn't take as many as I would have liked too but I was too busy enjoying. Good excuse right!

We went on the "Tour de Seba"!
 2 VERY long bike rides.
One on Canada Day and one on Sunday.
They were awesome and it is so nice to do that sort of thing wiht family. Mom, Dad, Uncle Ken, Justin and I went. So great.

On our second ride we ran into some family that we never see and we got to see a 12 hour old baby horse!
So sweet and so soft, it was incredible to see.
Cruz loves her boat ride cuddles.
My loves.

Justin wake skating.
"What's my Dad doing?"
Dad wake skating.
The girls at Happy Hour!
Dad in Rachel's new baby.
James & Rachel (& Summit!)
"Dad just throw the ball already!"
Her favorite place...

Dad & Justin did a push-up challenge on the perfect push-ups. Yuk.
Mom working on her swings!

AW Design also did fabulous at the market. It was SO busy, almost too busy at times but we were a hit which is always nice. Now we need to re-stock!

Anyways it was an incredible weekend but I am sad it was over so quickly.
It was so great having Gran around and we really wish we had her around more often. 
But I am glad Mom, Dad, Gran, Nana & Ripken are still out at the lake enjoying!

Happy Tuesday!

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Ashley said...

Stupid question 101: Would wake skating be the same as wake boarding?

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!! Love all the pics!!

Rachel and John said...

looks like a great weekend Alison!!

Kae* said...

sounds like a great weekend and I love the pictures! I am glad you had such a great weekend!

Whit said...

What an awesome weekend!! LOVE the pics, esp. the one of the dock - beautiful!! :)

Suze said...

What a lovely weekend! I loathhhhhhe pushups as well girl! I fully understand! Ripken and Cruz are too cute for words! Glad your easy shop was such a hit! But most of all glad you had a fun weekend with fam and of course most important Grams! It seems y'all had a blast! You look great as always girl! Enjoyed the pictures! Xxoo

Leigh said...

Sounds like the perfect summer weekend :)

Bride-onicles said...

Looks like it was an awesome weekend!! Good luck with those pushups!!

MrsV said...

Looks like an amazing weekend! Loved all the pics, especially the girls at happy hour =)

Happy Tuesday!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Jessica said...

Love that little car! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. :D

Kristin said...

Looks fun!! I hate pushups too!!

Simply Smith said...

Hey! Good luck on your push ups! I should probably do a few sit ups every day... :/

Thanks for entering my giveaway!!! Good luck!! Aren't clutches great?!