Ready to go...


Happy Friday!! 

Well my day yesterday started out not so great - had to drop Cruzie off and we won't see her for a week, lady at Tim Horton's spilled coffee all over me and the car from the drive through window, check engine light in my car went on, had a Dr appointment, then had to go to work...BUT then I found this at OUR local liquor store! 
Three Olives Mango Vodka.
Be still my heart. This magic in a bottle makes delicious drinks. We used to only be able to find it when we went to visit Jeff in Geneseo but now I know where to get my hands on it! 
AND they have the pomegranate too Mom!!!

This lovely bottle will join us at the lake next weekend!
And I found these babies too. A summer fav!
Not sure why they say new, they are not.

Last night we had a great time with Whit, Dust, Blake and Karen - as always.
A few photos of the ladies and baby Cowan.
Whitney is a super star - 39 weeks. 

Today I treated myself to a "1st day of summer holidays" pedicure. 
Crystal: China Glaze Limbo Bimbo with OPI Teenage Dream over it. :)
{Crystal always NEEDS to know the color I am wearing and I NEVER remember to look!}
Aren't you proud!

Then we had lunch with my brother and Jolie. So nice to finally see her again! Yay!

Tomorrow morning we are hitting to road.
And I could not be more ready to get away.

Sunday we will spend the day going on a Winery excursion.
A bus will pick us up at our Bed & Breakfast and take us to 6 Wineries. 
We will do tastings at each, lunch at one and then a full tour of this stunning Winery.

Yes please.

 Did I mention we are staying at this beautiful B&B for 3 nights:
 And then on the Silver Star Mountain Ski Lodge for 2.

And we're going with these 2:
And spending an afternoon pool side with friends and cocktails:

The boys are golfing and mountain bike riding too.
Us girls will lay on the beach and shop.

And we'll be be seeing family in Vernon to top it all off! :)
I'm ready to go. My bags are packed - sorta.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back!

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Logan said...

LOL, I love that you can make me smile and laugh!! Thanks!
I should probably go to a liqour store, more often!! See what I can find.......,
have a great trip,
hope the coffee was free!!
If you find sunshine please share and send some our way...........please!!!

Holly said...

Please drink extra mango vodka for your pregnant blog friend, Holly. *Sluurrrp*

Rachel and John said...

have an awesome time!!!!!!!

krink said...

Sooo impressed Auntie Alison! I especially like the name Limbo Bimbo!!!
Have a fantastic time this coming week, say hit to the Vernon crew from us, and can't wait to try this new mango vodka!
Ciao! And Drive Safely!

Leigh said...

Hope you have an awesome trip! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Love all the pics, your making me want to go on a trip

Bride-onicles said...

So jealous! Have a wonderful trip!!!

Kae* said...

Ohhhh this trip sounds absolutely wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Kristin said...

ohhhhh I love that OPI color!!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Have fun on your road trip! I am so excited for mine to start on Thursday!

Love the pedicure colours! I wish I had time to sneak one in before we leave. Maybe I will treat myself in Kelowna!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That looks like my kind of vaca!! Have fun lady!

woodlandsblonde said...

Have an awesome weekend :) that sounds like a BLAST!!

I went to Spec's yesterday and ended up with Pinnacle Whipped vodka - should be an interesting weekend!!

Have fun!

P.S. I'm glad to be back too :)!