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The fabulous Leigh over at All You Need Is Love tagged me in this little game so I thought I would play along.
Turns out it was REALLY hard to do. It made me really think!

What you need to do is link:
  • Your most beautiful post
  • Your most popular post
  • Your most controversial post
  • Your most helpful post
  • A post whose success surprised you
  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • The post that you are most proud of
And then tag 5 people to play along. So without further ado (since it took me ALL weekend to think of posts to link up!!!)

Most Beautiful
This post I did on my cousin "Rowdy Girl" came to mind. My Aunt & Uncle (Rowdy's parents) really loved it and I had a lot of nice comments from family members on it as well.

Most Popular
I looked at my stats for this one and this post: Weekend in Review - had the most views, wierd! Over 2,000 views! Funny that it has no comments though! :) 
One of the main key words that people have googled and found my blog is "Kenny Chesney", and there is a photo of him & I in this post. Or maybe it was Marisa Miller. Whatev.
(Another one of the words people of googled and found this blog is "sloth"! This girl loves her sloths!)

Most Controversial
This one was tricky...I am not all that controversial in my I went with this one "Cruz Signing In"). It received a lot of long comments and emails sent to me in regards to dog foods. I love that there are so many people that love their dogs so much and are so knowledgable in the area.

Most Helpful
Ummm... this one was hard too!! I am gonna go with a few of my Workout and Wellness Wednesday posts (those stopped happening when my thumb incident happened!). But I personally think this one on Low-Calorie summer drinks is a gooder or this one on Food for thought for dogs.

Success Surprised You
Ok this was hard too - I was no good at this 7 post thing!! I will say the post I did on Whitney's baby shower. I received some really sweet comments and even more emails about all of the decorations and details on the shower. Thank you all again for those kind words. 
Didn't get the attention it deserved
No one wanted to borrow this accessory? Come on ladies!! Well you are too late, I threw it out the minute I was given permisson not to wear it. :)
{I really couldn't come up with a post for this one so copped out with the above. I don't write blog posts to get attention per say, it is always awesome and exciting when I get great comments but I really just love this little blog so that is enough for me.}

Most Proud Of
Well since Cruz wrote this post "A letter from Cruz", I am proud of her. :) I guess I like it because I was really upset she did all that damage but turned it into something silly. 

On a side note. Wanna see what she found yesterday... man I love her.

Whoa! Done. That took a lot out of me! Nap time. ha
Alright, I nominate:

Good luck I hope you find it as challenging as I did! Ha just kidding, sorta!

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Jessica said...

Oh Cruz!! Haha
I loved the posts you listed, all great!

Leigh said...

Don't worry, I had trouble finding some posts for mine too!

Haha those pictures of Cruz are hilarious! She just loves her mud!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, Cruz is absolutely adorable!!!

Momma StJ said...

Oh boy, this is gonna be difficult!

Caroline said...

Love it! Cruz is so stinking cute!